What I’ve been up to: July 2016

Hi friends! July has been a pretty productive month, so far! I’m learning watercolor via a book by Yuko Nagayama. The first lesson is painting apples which I thought was easy. 2 hours later, and I almost gave up  haha:


Have you watched Ghostbusters? Please do and have your kids watch it too. It passed the Bechdel test and is pretty empowering and just plain fun:


Obviously I love Kate Mckinnon so I had to have that funko pop. 🙂 I’ve been making more comics too!

Here are my memories of NY via washi collages:


I also tried painting flowers using gouache for the first time! I enjoyed the process:


Painting in my travel journal a lot, and painting flowers more. I wanted to try that beautiful loose airy Yao Cheng style but I guess I’m just more a messy, cluttery type of flower painter. Lol. I am accepting this, Universe! 🙂 For more of my adventures, see you on instagram! @mabuhaydiy 🙂



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