Let’s talk about art with #realtalktambay!

So honored and excited to be talking about creativity and art and making next Saturday at Local Edition for #realtalktambay! This is hosted by @ella_lama and here’s the poster:


There are a few slots left, so do click the link if you wanna join: http://bit.ly/realtalktambay

Also joining @getfiled’s fun challenge!

Constant creation is my #GoldenGoal in life because I believe it is the best, fastest, and easiest way to improve as a creative. Practice makes permanent, after all! 🙂 

Can’t wait for the unveiling of the @getfiled 2017 planners! 🙌.  Planning on using it as an art journal and filling out mine with creative art prompts.


Will be talking more about daily practice in #realtalktambay and I’ll be sharing tips and techniques that might work for you if you want to try it as well. 🙂

Hope to see you there!!

P.s. Here are some bouquets from my #30daysofimpressionisticbouquets using colors from the #colorexploration challenge:



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