Super inspiring day: #realtalktambay

My tummy hurt because I was extremely nervous before giving my talk yesterday at #realtalktambay. I was invited to talk about creating consistently and talking about what I love is exciting for me but also nerve-wracking. 🙂

Happy to report that I didn’t faint while speaking! 🙂 Glad I got out of my comfort zone and happy I leapt into the fire and found out how nourishing it was haha (based on the latest Magic Lessons podcast which I am so enjoying!)

Here are the tips I shared:


Group photo! I enjoyed that the speakers and organizers wore similar colors lol:


I made my wallet cry from my visit to the newly-opened The Craft Central store in Greenbelt but it was worth it:


Before I slept around 4am because of too much tea last night I listened to the Magic Lessons podcast and made sleepy sketchnotes in the semi-dark: meaning I used my phone as light if I wanted to write something:


New artworks up on my wall!


Thank you universe and tita @ella_lama for this amazing learning opportunity 🙂


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