What I’ve been up to: October 2016


I painted these and tried embossing for the first time for #YOUniverse! You can see some of it inside Local Edition coffeeshop, and I feel so grateful that the stars aligned and made my wishes come true: I finally got to try embossing and I was able to fulfill that dream of having some of my art displayed in a shop/store (even if only for a while!) Thank you, lucky stars, and friends @gelibalcruz and @kimilulifecoach for this opportunity. 🙂


Remember when I attended Valerie Chua’s floral painting workshop last year? I found the drawn peony template and I colored it using my new van gogh watercolor set. Loving this set and how great and pointy the brush is. I wanted to practice coloring so I did that last night. 🙂

These two below were painted using tutorials of @inkstruckstudio! I really had fun playing with the van gogh set and that’s what I used here as well. The pigments are smooth and highly saturated, just a bit goes a long way:



Happy Halloween in advance! Here’s a hipster manananggal for you:



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