Finishing #inktober 2016

I did it! I am happy to report that I was able to finish all 31 days of #inktober this year. 🙂


Left side was done October one, right side was done October 31. Some realizations after doing this challenge:

– I like drawing androgynous ladies, and ladies with wavy hair.
– I don’t really enjoy drawing full bodies but I love figuring out where shadows go for faces
– Working with just one pen, a brush pen and a waterbrush has made me consider darkest tones and highlights.
– One month creative challenges work best for me. After that I sort of lose my interest and it’s not as fun anymore.
– Inktober is best done with something you want to get better at, for me it’s drawing fashion figures originally but I realized I wanted to paint faces more.
– Doing this and knowing that a lot of people all over the globe are doing it too made it more enjoyable.
– Just start. Sometimes you are too tired to make one but just soldier on and when you’re actually doing it you’ll realize you just had to put pen to paper.
– There’s nothing wrong with starting over.

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