Bits of Bliss: Design Sponge fangirling

I’ve always been a super fan of design sponge for years. I had a time when I visited her blog daily and got lost there for hours and hours–I loved all the beautiful homes and got inspired by all the DIYs and interviews. I recently bought her fantastic book “In the Company of Women” and am savoring it slowly because I don’t want it to the end.


I enjoy reading about what drives these extraordinary women, most of whom are my idols, and their journey as artists and entrepreneurs. I picked one of my favorites, Carrie Brownstein, and did a brush calligraphy piece based on what she said in her interview. Posted it on my instagram (@mabuhaydiy) account and after a few days, I got the surprise of my life. Grace Bonney herself reposted it in her instagram account! I’m still shaking and crying, I couldn’t believe my luck:


Is this the real life is this just fantasyyyy

Thank you Universe, for consistently creating magical moments like this. 😻🙌


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