What I’ve been up to: January 2017

I’ve received my dream cover and have differentiated my two hobonichis by having one as my #HOMEbonichi and the other as my #ROAMbonichi. My homebonichi stays at home and is meant to be used as my gratitude and wonderfulness journal–filled with the highlights of each day and what I’m grateful for. My roambonichi comes with me everywhere, and is filled with ideas, art experiments, longform journaling and lunch break journaling. I’m happy about this setup and looking at the 2 beautiful covers and inside colors side by side makes me giddy! 🙂


Sorry for the bad lighting–I took this photo as soon as I received my sherbet (left) cover haha.

Here are some pages:




I’ve been doing collages lately as well. It feels good just tearing the paper and gluing things down.


I tried mixing matcha soymilk and jasmine and it made a cool yummy refreshing drink. I drank it and ate my fave corn nuts while journaling on my midori. My midori has more watercolored food items (I like how there’s more space there) and ephemera because my hobonichis are both a6 in size so the space is sometimes a bit small haha.


I’ve added a hashtag in my instagram (@mabuhaydiy) called #mabuhaydiyjournals so that my journal posts are all seen in just one click. Mostly so I can see stuff that made me happy since my journal entries are mostly stuff that made my day/week. Check it out if you want to see it too! 🙂 I’m not yet done tagging all photos because there are too many but maybe someday 🙂


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