Happy times, thank you

It’s when you feel too busy to make art that you probably should make art, if you were me.

I resist it a bit with chores and work as an excuse but find that it’s just like a workout–once you’re there you can’t seem to stop and you feel pretty great after.

I was inspired by FRUiTS growing up and read an article on how the fashion situation in Japan is so different now due to stores like Uniqlo. Did this washi tape fashion collage using my handmade @seamountainco palette and I find that tearing washi tape is incredibly soothing.


Quick watercolor portrait in 15 minutes–I didn’t use a pencil here so I was just modifying it as I went.


Happy that K and I are trying new restos again.


Joined my first #protonsworkshop and it was a collab with gogogelato and we got to eat lots of gelato and even see the process of making it–I got to churn some buko lychee sherbet which I took home after. Also met a lot of new friends, which makes my heart very happy. I hope you are having a good March too, wherever you may be.



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