Exploring the universe: Virgin resort, Batangas

I realized recently how much I missed blogging about where I’ve been and talking about those gems that caught my eye through the journey. Trying to change that, though! My trusty waterproof point and shoot Canon gave up after 10 years so am still thinking if I should buy another one like that. I loved it so much, and all my photos in the past were mostly taken using that. I dropped it so many times (once in the Great Wall where it almost gave up lol eep) and perhaps it should be laid to rest heh.

Anyway! Took some snaps in Virgin resort in Batangas and I have to say that it has the best shoreline in all the resorts we’ve tried in the area. Just take a look:






I’ve been pretty swamped with adult responsibilities lately and feeling a bit bummed. Luckily this trip gave me much needed “me” time. I played in the water, sank my toes in the sand, slept under a coconut tree and made art. All this while in the company of great friends. Thank you Universe!

And just like that, my blues were washed away. šŸ™‚


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