Review: Paper Mint TN inserts and planner stickers

I was so excited and giddy when my TN inserts and planner stickers from @papermintph arrived. I’m a fan of locally made products and these really delivered. I got a book journal and I’ve been longing for one for the longest time and this one has the perfect size!


I love regular-sized TN inserts because my handwriting is big and messy haha so the space needs to be big as well without being bulky.


The weekly one is great as well–the paper can handle the ink of my brush pens (zig mangaka, artline markers, pentel touch) and the space for wach day is just right for me. I love the space on the upper right which can contain top three weekly tasks or inspirational quotes or a motivational word and you might not see it but there’s a grid there too so maybe some pixel art? šŸ™‚


My favorite stickers would have to be the hexagon ones since they can be decorative and also used as bullets for tasks. In love with the plain brown craft covers too, which you can decorate as you please.

If you want to see all their other awesome products, do check out their instagram: @papermintph or their site: They also have an fb page:

P.S. Because @papermintph is awesome, they’re giving us a special treat: You can get 10% off if you purchase Php300 worth of products! Just use the coupon code: “mabuhaydiy10off”. You can use this code till July 17 so go go go! Happy shopping! šŸ™‚

Thank you for letting me try your lovely products, @papermintph! Loving the thoughtfulness behind each and I can’t wait to play with these some more over the weekend. šŸ™‚


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