What I’ve been up to: June 2017

I’ve heard very good things about the p2p buses and i’ve been dying to try it out. Yesterday I was finally able to do that with my good friend Nayna. 🙂 Yay for trying new things! I imagined it as a sort of mini field trip in the metro.

Nayna and I have been friends for 14 years! If we had a child, that child would be in high school already haha.


Inside @ritualph in Pamana building Makati. Hoarded the laundry soap which I use as my body soap because it smells like lemongrass. 🙂 Sort of like how I’ve heard a lot of peoplw use Perla for their face and my skin isnt very particular, so there we go.

We had a quick brunch in Makati and off we went to ATC to visit the pop-up of @commonroomph. I got myself a new beep card with wonder woman in it. 🙂

We saw @timipee! What a wonderfully small world. We rode the bus with her and I may or may not have changed my super drenched shirt (it was so humid and hot yesterday!) with the help of a scarf and N inside the bus lol. Only to remember that there’s a cctv inside haha whoops.

I love Serenitea in ATC because you can see what you’re drinking lol haha. In Makati the cups are made of paper but here they’re in plastic. It made me feel that the scoop was extra big and not squooshed up inside that flat plastic cover. My go-to drink here is the uji matcha pyramid and I keep on plugging it to friends I bring to Serenitea. Hi serenitea please get me as an endorser hahaha:


With Timmy and Nayna:
One of my fave moments was when while we were walking we heard a random boy say “tita” and we all thought he was calling one of us hahaha. He was talking to his legit tita on the phone btw. 🙂


Saw titas @ella_lama and @marie_lama in the @commonroomph popup! Also saw superwonderwoman @romaagsalud and her fiancee hard at work:


Truly enjoyed taking part in the common room challenges! Painted in wood for the first time which I super loved (they’ll use it in making their new home), made cranes and painted their creative and collaborative tarp!




Happy to see a lot of Pinoys supporting local handmade:


Rode the same p2p bus going back to Makati and snapped some photos of the glorious sunset:



It was a beatiful end to my day. Cannot wait to return to ATC for Common Room in the future! 🙂

Also, am joining Arriane Serafico’s #daretoshareIGchallenge and am already in love with it and the community! Thank you for this, Arriane! Am learning more about wonderful women and about myself. Here’s my journal page containing some self-care apps for the challenge and a food painting I did yesterday during our date. I was also able to draw and paint random passersby when I challenged myself to do that while eating. Might do more!



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