Artsycraftsy challenge: my own sparkly handmade watercolor set

Wow can you believe it’s already half of 2017? I am happy to report that I feel buoyant because of friends and family, and this little fellow called “art”. 2017’s first half was pretty tough, but we do what we can do to stay afloat. For me that’s artambay with friends and milk tea and making art as often as I can.
How about you? Let me know if you have self-care tips!

I organized my sparkly handmade watercolors in an altoids tin. I super enjoyed making these!


Clockwise from top left: rose gold, mermaid gold, sunset gold, sakura gold, graphite gold, midnight gold, galaxy gold, pomegranate gold. 🙂

I also painted parts of the face for practice using handmade watercolor paint from @seamountainco:



The night before was Thursday night which meant it was #Artsythursdays wherein I paint more for myself:



Last night I painted


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