What I’ve been up to: January 2018

Hello, friends! How has 2018 been treating you so far? I hope you’re doing great, and I hope you’ve been showering yourself with love and kindness. I have been taking care of myself more lately, and I’ve spent less time pressuring myself about all my 2018 goals and just going with the flow. I like this style more! Here are some of the highlights of my January. It’s my birthday month which makes it really special.

This month was filled with aromatherapy–I have been making mood-enhancing oil mixes using what I’ve learned from a perfume-making seminar eons ago and from some research and through following my nose haha. I can’t stop making them, and I carry some bottles in my bag daily.

I have also been painting more and filling up more pages in my journals and planners. I use several planners and journals and I don’t think I’ll ever just stick to one. I love using pretty paper!

I also am falling in love with a lot of cats from BGC. My day isn’t complete without petting them:

Not a cat but super cute so this has to be included:

Were you able to see the #superbluebloodmoon? I was so mesmerized by how magical it was. 🙂

I discovered I could make art using the notes function of my phone and my fingers. Enjoying it a lot. What stuff have you been enjoying lately? Tell me all about it! ♥️


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