What I’ve been up to: April to June 2018

Trying to be healthier by eating more greens, less processed food, and walking more after lunch.

So far I’ve lost 10 pounds in a week! Not really depriving myself of the occasional milk tea and cake so this is good news for me, but I’ll have my executive checkup in a few months so wish me luck–I really hope the results are favorable.

I love watching female feminist comedians on Netflix. My faves would have to be Ali Wong, Lynne Koplitz, Cristela Alonzo and Tig Notaro, but my ultimate favorite is Hanna Gadsby. I was listening to her instead of watching her because I was inside a jeep and I didn’t want to have my phone snatched and after a few minutes of laughing I started crying because of her honest revelations. I won’t spoil you but please do check her out via Netflix.

The image above was my homework output for Rebecca Green’s challenge in Sketchbook Skool. I finally ticked off an item in my bucket list and that’s enroll in a paid online class taught by a fave artist. Having fun so far!

Been making diary comics too. Am such a big fan of artists who make diary comics and I wanted a body of work that would make me feel happy and grateful for past me when I look at it in the future.

I also tried the #drawmystyle challenge! I didn’t know drawing myself as a Simpsons character would be so challenging haha.

I’m also trying out gouache again! Just getting the feel of it. Feels quite exciting, as I learn new things about it every day. I use Simbalion because am still deciding on whether we’re friends or not. We’ll see.

It has been a pretty productive past couple of months! I think I owe it to my Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way sketchbook/activity book by @augustwren.

I hope you’re also having some nice “me” time. 🙂