What I’ve been up to: July to August 2018

It’s the half of 2018 already, and I’ve been reminding myself of my word for 2018, which is “light”. I’ve read about the seasons of our life and how we should honor that and accept it. Maybe I’m in my post-winter season, because I do feel like I’ve been doing a lot of internal growing and stretching lately, in preparation for full blooms facing the sun in spring. I know that the “invincible summer” awaits me soon, but in the meantime, I am willing to be open to the lessons that this tail-end of winter has to impart.

I got a scholarship from a fave online class site called Sketchbook Skool! I’m so grateful and am learning a lot from their various teachers. I’m also a mentor now in the group’s FB page so that’s pretty exciting, since I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a mentor/mentee. 🙂

Art-wise, I’ve been doing some explorations and experiments! I was lucky enough to be sent some NeoSketch Markers from @getfiled and I tried them lately by doing portraits and landscapes. I love that they’re an affordable alternative and that they are odorless and watersoluble:

I got to visit Ayala Museum again this year for the “Inspire Every Day” event with my friend Nix. I loved this exhibit using bamboo:

Gouache and I are closer now, I think? I have been doing paintings using gouache and studying lines and tone.

I have a minimalist journal! I gave up on trying to fit a maleta of art materials in my bag for work because the commute is a killer so I pared down my needs to 2 essentials: my plain notebook from Muji and a black pen from Muji as well.

I also tried the #drawthisinyourstylechallenge in instagram, and it was quite exciting, trying to mimic someone else’s work but injecting my art style into it–which I’m just trying to figure out myself as well haha. Reference images from @uxia15 and @janicesung.

Hope 2018 has been kind to you as well. 🙂