What I’ve been up to: September to October 2018

Whoaaaa hello Ber months! I am very pleased with how this year unfolded in terms of my art and my heart.

I got an annual scholarship from Skillshare and a scholarship from Sketchbook Skool plus an opportunity to take classes from creativebug for free and these are all my dream online classes! I still can’t believe my luck.

My faves from Skillshare would have to be the class of my idol Leah Reena Goren where she taught me how to use gouache. Here’s my final output:

I also enjoyed learning about how to paint crystals and gems with Yasmina creates:

In creativebug, I learned how to paint with Missy Dunaway. I didn’t have the liquid acrylic paint or the sketchbook for this but I tried my best with gouache:

I am a Yao Cheng fan so I took her classes and painted so many flowers. Below that is my 2nd day attempt for Inktober but then I gave up because life is too short for me to worry about finishing an art challenge when my body needa to rest instead lol:

I also made Instagram highlight covers! Check out my instagram (http://www.instagram.com/mabuhaydiy) to see them. Am rather proud of those hehe. Used Canva to help me make that.

In stuff I’ve been enjoying, I am obsessed with The Good Place, Brooklyn 99, Bojack, Disenchantment, and listening to my fave songs from my college days. Last night I finally squeezed some of my Holbein watercolors into a makeshift palette because I realized I missed my watercolors. I’ve been neglecting them since I started exploring with gouache but hopefully we get to hang out again soon.

Have I told you that I’m in a dangerous but delicious phase in my life right now? I’m in my cake phase and my journals are witnesses to this slow descent into madness. My journals have been evolving into cake diaries huhu haha.

Speaking of my journals, I started a Draw your day illustrated journal because I was so inspired by the book of Samantha Dion. I’ve been posting pages in my instagram stories, if you want a peek. 🙂

I am glad I am able to take more sunset and sunrise photos lately. Here are some of my faves:

Above is an image that best describes how I feel in this season of my life. Grateful for the beauty and the flowers, savoring life the best way I know how.

Hope you’re having a great year.