So long 2018. Hello 2019!

My 2018 was the year for “light”. In a lot of beautiful ways, my guiding word manifested in my life. Not every day though, but it served as a constant reminder. I often felt lightness in my heart, mostly due to the love I realized I have in this life from the people around me. I ate healthier and took care of myself as much as I can and I reverted back to my ideal weight and am in optimum health based on all those health tests I constantly took. My biggest lesson was taking things more lightly and avoiding overthinking, which was sometimes what I did, but I am still learning, so I also consider that a win.

My heart feels buoyant most days. I think that’s really a big achievement for me and I feel happy that despite everything, I am still here, still seeing the world with bits of hope and optimism.

For 2019, I want to be pleasantly surprised by the Universe. I would be naming it my year for Delightful magic and Abundance. I am claiming it. Next year would be even more magical and epic and I would be having all these opportunities leading me closer to my dream life and dream self.

This year, I am grateful for my love and my family and friends. I got to experience highs and lows which I never thought I’d experience and they all serve to make me grow into being a better human:

πŸ’– Baler with my love

πŸ’– Big Bad Wolf booksale kakaloka

πŸ’– Vday surprise extravaganza

πŸ’– Laiya Coco Grove with fam

πŸ’– Trampoline park and greenfield market

πŸ’– Dia del libro

πŸ’– Lots of gouache and acrylic painting

πŸ’– Lion King musical (!!!)

πŸ’– Great health

πŸ’– Skillshare, Sketchbook Skool scholarships

πŸ’– Dumaguete! Beach trip

πŸ’– Free creativebug

πŸ’– Tagaytay crosswind with fam

πŸ’– Impromptu Theta healing

πŸ’– Lots of beautiful new books and magazines

πŸ’– #oilwayswell

πŸ’– Mama lou’s and va bene

πŸ’– Minimalist journal

πŸ’– Food wars and project runway plus The Good place and Saiki K and Brooklyn 99. Chef’s Table

πŸ’– Bowling and billiards with my love

πŸ’– Museum anniv date!

πŸ’– Being surprised always

πŸ’– Massages

πŸ’– Homecooked yummy meals

πŸ’– Calatagan Batangas

I also recently got to try a hot cauldron hot tub and a glamping sample:

I also got to visit the beach at the end of the year, which is a wonderful way to end this year. Thank you 2018 and I can’t wait to unwrap your gifts, 2019!


4 thoughts on “So long 2018. Hello 2019!

  1. Merry Christmas & a happy new year Andrea! Sending you light & love β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸŽ„πŸŽβ˜ΊοΈ

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