Exploring the Universe: Underground river, Palawan

Hello! I just wanted my future self to remember how beautiful life is. Got to spend some time in Palawan with my family and we went to the Underground river, and I ate tamilok (!). Pretty proud of myself because I actually only ate it to impress my girlfriend Joey, so I dared myself to do it and it was…like eating a wormlike oyster raw but very very quickly lol.

My best memories are the pre-niknik bite memories (sand fleas). I got feasted on by an entire baranggay of nikniks but thankfully the resort had some meds for me because it turns out I was VERY allergic to niknik bites. I was in a bikini with no suntan lotion or insect repellant because I biked in rough terrain and fell and injured myself so I showered to clean the wounds after haha. I also chose the farthest area from the resort so I could talk to the phone with J and I basically served as the sunset buffet to the nikniks lol. They like sunsets, from what I read.

I still managed to smile, though! (Mostly because of kilig, but that’s another story)

Highlights were: That dragonfly party, feeling like an ent, feathers in the river, that super cool river recorded commentary, the blueness and clarity of the beach, eating junk food at that outdoor dome while talking to le gf, realizing I still know how to bike after years of not doing so and using one in rough terrain, the lovely room, bibingkinitan (dulce, original and ube), feeling raindrops on my face as we swam in the wave pool, Rosa and Gina talking to me haha, rainbow lockers lol

Hope you’re enjoying life too! 🙂

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