Exploring the Universe: Sapporo, Hokkaido 2019

My faves in one area? (Dairy products and ice cream) Yes please!

I was so excited to eat so many things in Hokkaido and it certainly didn’t disappoint. I did get my staple faves like my fave mister donut pon de ring which I ate nearly every day and kelp onigiri from 7-11. Oh and string cheese. I love string cheese so much.

We were in a hurry so I couldn’t taste the flavors of this as much as I wanted because I was cramming it in my mouth while holding a Cremia cone in another, before both cones melted lol. Long story, but the short version is that I wanted so badly to taste these both but at the same time we had to catch a bus and it also couldn’t be found in the area we were staying in.

Lavender ice cream which tasted pretty meh (the lavender flavor wasn’t noticeable) but looked lovely haha.

Beautiful blue lake. There was ice cream being sold there that tasted like lemon from what I overheard but we didn’t have time to try it anymore.

The best melon I’ve ever tasted. We thought it was just hyped and was hesitating because it was super expensive but we were glad we gave it a try. So good!

Beautiful stranger.

We enjoyed walking around in this area, where I saw the cutest sight:

I went a little overboard with trying out various gummies because I really love them and the girl I really wanted to be with loved them too so at that time I was um basically trying to grab her attention lol. (P.s. She’s my girlfriend now hihi)

Delicious flan and frozen tiramisu from Sanseriya. I love Sanseriya and it’s so affordable for the taste and quality. 🙂

In Sapporo, I spent hours taking photos of the flowers and journalled a bit:

Flower fields while my heart was a-blooming ♡