Museum “me” time: Ayala museum

I’ve been to Ayala museum more than five times already and to be honest I just scan the areas I’ve visited very quickly. Until yesterday. I spent more than 3 hours there, just documenting my faves in my planner. I stood in front of these pieces and got a bit lost in the details, but I still carried on because I wanted something to remember it by. I am now considering getting a membership next year, and having a Saturday museum “me” time where I just draw every piece that I like. 🙂




What I’ve been up to: March 2016

This has been a beautiful, art-filled month! I was able to visit Yuchengco museum for the trade fair for women’s month and we were lucky enough to access the museum that day for free!

I’ve been so inspired by frannerd’s ‘Draw Outside’ series, so I tried drawing a fave Amorsolo painting too:


Here are my other favorite artworks. To know who made each, check out my instagram: @mabuhaydiy 🙂


My greatest purchase involves this midori traveler’s notebook insert. Still saving up for the cover, but for now, this works well for me. I personalized it with washi tape and a unicorn sticker:


I love the page size, which is challenging but also manageable for making art, and how I can use both sides of the paper, how it’s sturdy enough. My eyes are happy with seeing all the beautiful inspiring pages using the hashtag #travelersnotebook in instagram. 

Here are some pages I made:



My passion for stickers have been rekindled by this journal obsession. I’ve been making these handpainted stickers for a long time but seeing planner layouts made me interested again in making various ones. I made summery neon ones:


Good things: Finding my “style”


A wise friend named Geli gave me advice in brush lettering/calligraphy: Embrace your own style, she said.

I’ve been practicing daily-mostly foregoing my morning yoga so I could write a few words. I’m slowly learning what works for me and what doesn’t, so I just need to wake up earlier so I could squeeze in a few minutes of yoga too 🙂




Artsycraftsy exploration: From where I’ve been

I have a lot of stories to tell you, concerning the highlights of the past few months–but sometimes time slips by so fast. I’m in the process of organizing my photos and memories, and here’s a sneak peek. Having a virtual memory trigger is one of the reasons why I love having my blog, especially since my memory seems to fail me more each day. Right now it is around 3 am in the morning, and our internet is so slow during the peak hours so I have decided to stay up late and post as many posts as I can manage, if the connection would allow me. It’s for my future self anyway, and a few years from now, losing a few hours of sleep for something you love won’t really hurt anyway.


IMG_5147 ere IMG_4899 IMG_4929 IMG_4956 IMG_4974 IMG_5017 IMG_5132

Artsycraftsy exploration: Art Fair 2014

Every year, I try to attend as many arts/crafts events as my budget would allow. Those are my biggest investments: travel, books, materials and self-improvement. I get especially happy when the event is nearby so when they held Art Fair 2014 at The Link Makati, I immediately marked it in my calendar and waited for the day with bated breath. I have been to the previous one last 2013 and it was an unforgettable experience, which left me inspired and filled with wonder at the potential of some art materials.

This year’s Art Fair was just as special. I had more time to spare this time and I took my sweet time, visiting all the booths and lingering in front of my fave pieces.

Here are just some of my favorites. I’m fascinated with detailed work so my picks have astounding detail.

This is Untitled (Big Bang) by Gary-Ross Pastrana. Collage is quite challenging because for me it involves just the right amount of tension and balance in your composition, and this one must have took him a long time to finish. I like how he added a 3d quality to the paper pieces so it doesn’t just look flat:

These are by Patricia Perez Eustaquio, graphite on paper and glazed stoneware. Look at the textures she was able to create!

Yayoi Kusama, because she is queen. I was able to watch two documentaries about her at the Ayala Museum and it made me love her more. She is one hardworking lady! I thought her paintings were digitally done at first because of how crisp and clean the edges were, but as it turns out, she paints each circle painstakingly by hand (!!!). Wow.

Assemblage with old compacts–loved the theme and the execution. This is by Norberto Roldan, called The Beginning of History: Chapter 10:

This one by Iggy Rodriguez took my breath away when I approached it to study its construction. Entitled Dagit, it’s made of pen, ink, and acrylic on paper and sintra board assemblage. Reminded me of paper tole, but more badass.

Joy Mallari’s Illuminations, which focuses on the ancient Filipino mythology about the Bakunawa:

The astounding Alice in Wonderland metal sculptures by Daniel Dela Cruz:

Louie Cordero’s fiberglass tables:

I was also able to watch Rajo Laurel perform drapery magic, using the cloth as a sculpting material:

Did you check out this year’s Art Fair? What artworks were your faves?

Exploring the Universe-California 2014: Pre-LACMA visit and cats!

Before we went to the awesomeness that is LACMA, I went around the area to explore for a short time. I took snaps of colorful things and architecture and basically everything that caught my eye. Here’s a peek:IMG_7252IMG_7254IMG_7256IMG_7268IMG_7274I love cats, as you might have noticed, and my aunt’s in-laws have been adopting kitties and loving them as much:


My LACMA post deserves another entry, but I’m sharing one of my favorite photos from that trip here. I loved this interactive artwork, and couldn’t help but hug these plastic thingamajigs as well, after I saw this kid doing it. It gave me a happy. IMG_7276

Exploring the Universe: California-Getty Museum

Whenever I visit a new country, I try to fit a museum/library visit in my itinerary. I got lucky and got to visit not just one, nor two, but four (!!!) museums during my California trip. This museum is my fave!

The Getty Museum housed most of my favorite works of art, and the architecture is equally gorgeous. If I had more time, I’d probably stay here for a week, not running out of things to do/draw/admire. I think my mouth was open during the Getty visit, I was just too awestruck and I couldn’t believe I was seeing these artworks in the flesh!!


Before the trip to the museum, here are some shots from the road on our way back to LA from San Francisco:


We stopped at Iron Skillet along the highway for some authentic diner food. They had the most scrumptious tart and sweet blueberry preserves which I ate with a bowl (!!!) of whipped cream, atop my pancakes. They had the cheeriest service, so we left our server a short note thanking her together with the tip. 🙂



The day we went to Getty Museum! You park in the basement and take a train going to the museum itself. For security purposes, perhaps, and for aesthetic purposes as well. I really appreciated this, since we got to see the beautiful skyline. I took a snap of these trees with pops of red:



Kunyari candid hehe:




Here are snapshots of just some of my faves! The whole place itself was heavenly, from the steps going to the entrance (above), to the garden at the ground floor.

I used to have this obsession with Andy Warhol and pop art, but right now, I’m obsessed with the Impressionist movement. I love Monet, Mary Cassatt, Renoir and Chagall, and was happy that I got to see some of their works in Getty. I also took some photos of new favorites:






I’ve never seen a hummingbird before, and I was delighted that I was able to see a lot of them in LA! My aunt’s house had a hummingbird feeder which we filled with nectar for these birds. Each morning and before sunset, we’d get to hear the quick flapping of their wings, which sounded like a bee buzzing. The first time I saw one, I was reading outside their balcony while having breakfast and covered my ears since I thought there was a bee nearby (I had an irrational fear of said bee entering my ears, haha). To my amazement, it was a hummingbird! I saw several colors in several places, but I still can’t get enough of them.

At the leftmost part of the photo, you can see a blurry orange blob, which is the hummingbird at the balcony of my Tita’s house:


I was able to photograph one in Huntington Garden, and another in this museum:



I love the interactive area for kids, and could play here the whole day. Because I’m secretly 12.

This is the view from outside the top (?) floor of the museum. More proof of the loveliness of this place. I was also able to check out the garden during the golden hour, which I’ll blog about soon!




More shots taken on the road, on our way home from this day filled with beauty: