Vivitar-ing Bali, Part 1

My film rolls have finally been developed! I miss Digiprint which was extremely near our office, but am very grateful that Fujifilm still develops film at a reasonable price.

There’s just something magical about film for me. Here are photos from our recent Bali trip, part one:



Artsycraftsy exploration: Bali

Hello, how’ve you been? I just got home from my wonderful vacation in Bali. The place was filled with beautiful art and handmade artistry could be seen everywhere: from the stone and wood carvings that adorn the houses and walls to the meticulously-made symbolic offerings and luscious batik and woven textiles.

Ubud was the center of artistic endeavors in the area, and it actually reminded me of our very own rustic Vigan and the handmade items there, mixed with that Paete charm (with its woodcarvings).
Wherever you look in Bali, you’d see a melding of fine craftsmanship and their spiritual belief, which is predominantly Hindu.

I was lucky enough to be able to try silversmithing and lontar (palm tree leaves) etching.

Here I am having a go at silversmithing:Image

Lontar etching is used when they make the traditional Balinese calendar.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lontar etching experience and want to learn more about it!


Here are some of the lovely things that caught my eye:


The Nyepi had just finished when we arrived and we saw some Ogoh-ogohs (or at least that’s what I thought they were) in the area, simjilar to our higantes. They symbolize malevolent spirits, then the villagers burn it afterwards.

This is the hind of a giant Barong made of plants. Wow!


There were a lot of motorbikes everywhere, and this person’s helmet made me smile:


Sorry about the blurry photo! We passed by this house so quickly that I just managed to take a quick snapshot of it. Love how the roof has that colorful pattern:


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