Making my dreams come true

It started with one of those locked diaries, which I confided in and hid for years. The urge to talk to people who would understand was too strong though, and this desire led me to start a blog of my own. Now I can also post photos as memory triggers and start an online conversation with friends and new friends from a topic close to my heart. I never looked back.

I’ve been blogging for over ten years (from livejournal to deadjournal to tumblr to wordpress) and it’s been such a great source of joy for me. I love all the connections I make, and the feeling of someone out there getting exactly what you mean, or smiling because of a post or a photo you took. I met a lot of new friends that transitioned from online friend to real-life buddies and our bond due to common interests/fandom is invaluable. I’m so grateful for them.

I’m trying to be braver and am teaching myself to dream big. Aside from being a virtual diary, my blog is also where I try to commit myself to change for the better–take more risks, try a #30daychallenge, join a readathon, or campaign for positive social change–these are just some of them.

In line with taking a big leap, I’ve decided to try my luck in this year’s Big Blog Exchange.


I hope you support me in this grand dream! Please vote for me by clicking here. As of now, I’m number 4 in Asia/Oceania! YAY! (Thanks, friends!) How awesome would that be if I actually moved to the top spot? 🙂

Thanks so much and have a great day! 🙂