1 second every day: US trip 2016

Inspired by the movie Chef, I recorded one second each day of our trip to the U.S.!

We went to NY, Vegas, Utah and L.A. :). I think I might continue doing this back home, or each time we have a long trip.

Exploring the Universe-California 2014: Outside the Getty museum

If I lived near The Getty Museum, I would probably be there all day. The artworks inside the museum are astoundingly lovely, but I also love the succulent party happening outside in the garden/park area. I couldn’t stop taking photos of all the plants I haven’t seen before, and I can just imagine how prettier it would look like in spring (I was told that it was winter when I was there):

IMG_6929 IMG_6927 IMG_6923 IMG_6911 IMG_6907 IMG_6892 IMG_6884 IMG_6850 IMG_6845 IMG_6986 IMG_6971 IMG_6959 IMG_6948 IMG_6930

Exploring the Universe-California 2014: Pre-LACMA visit and cats!

Before we went to the awesomeness that is LACMA, I went around the area to explore for a short time. I took snaps of colorful things and architecture and basically everything that caught my eye. Here’s a peek:IMG_7252IMG_7254IMG_7256IMG_7268IMG_7274I love cats, as you might have noticed, and my aunt’s in-laws have been adopting kitties and loving them as much:


My LACMA post deserves another entry, but I’m sharing one of my favorite photos from that trip here. I loved this interactive artwork, and couldn’t help but hug these plastic thingamajigs as well, after I saw this kid doing it. It gave me a happy. IMG_7276

Exploring the Universe: California in film photos part 3: Huntington Botanical Gardens

One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in California is the Huntington Botanical Gardens. They practically had to drag me out of there during closing time because I kept chasing after squirrels and gulping down deep breaths believing that the freshness of the air here is different (because of all the flowers and trees).

I was able to take some film photos. Mostly blurry, as always, due to being overly excited, hehe:



Exploring the Universe: California-Getty Museum

Whenever I visit a new country, I try to fit a museum/library visit in my itinerary. I got lucky and got to visit not just one, nor two, but four (!!!) museums during my California trip. This museum is my fave!

The Getty Museum housed most of my favorite works of art, and the architecture is equally gorgeous. If I had more time, I’d probably stay here for a week, not running out of things to do/draw/admire. I think my mouth was open during the Getty visit, I was just too awestruck and I couldn’t believe I was seeing these artworks in the flesh!!


Before the trip to the museum, here are some shots from the road on our way back to LA from San Francisco:


We stopped at Iron Skillet along the highway for some authentic diner food. They had the most scrumptious tart and sweet blueberry preserves which I ate with a bowl (!!!) of whipped cream, atop my pancakes. They had the cheeriest service, so we left our server a short note thanking her together with the tip. 🙂



The day we went to Getty Museum! You park in the basement and take a train going to the museum itself. For security purposes, perhaps, and for aesthetic purposes as well. I really appreciated this, since we got to see the beautiful skyline. I took a snap of these trees with pops of red:



Kunyari candid hehe:




Here are snapshots of just some of my faves! The whole place itself was heavenly, from the steps going to the entrance (above), to the garden at the ground floor.

I used to have this obsession with Andy Warhol and pop art, but right now, I’m obsessed with the Impressionist movement. I love Monet, Mary Cassatt, Renoir and Chagall, and was happy that I got to see some of their works in Getty. I also took some photos of new favorites:






I’ve never seen a hummingbird before, and I was delighted that I was able to see a lot of them in LA! My aunt’s house had a hummingbird feeder which we filled with nectar for these birds. Each morning and before sunset, we’d get to hear the quick flapping of their wings, which sounded like a bee buzzing. The first time I saw one, I was reading outside their balcony while having breakfast and covered my ears since I thought there was a bee nearby (I had an irrational fear of said bee entering my ears, haha). To my amazement, it was a hummingbird! I saw several colors in several places, but I still can’t get enough of them.

At the leftmost part of the photo, you can see a blurry orange blob, which is the hummingbird at the balcony of my Tita’s house:


I was able to photograph one in Huntington Garden, and another in this museum:



I love the interactive area for kids, and could play here the whole day. Because I’m secretly 12.

This is the view from outside the top (?) floor of the museum. More proof of the loveliness of this place. I was also able to check out the garden during the golden hour, which I’ll blog about soon!




More shots taken on the road, on our way home from this day filled with beauty:



Exploring the Universe: California in film photos, part 2: Perfectly imperfect

More film photos! This was my hopeless roll, and by hopeless I mean my normal point-and-shoot film camera wouldn’t let me rewind itself so I took matters in my own hand and rewinded the film myself, inside the dark bedroom, inside a black jacket.

Surprisingly, I liked the results! I was actually surprised it had no smudgy fingerprints because I’m pretty sure my fingers were all sweaty when I had to tug the film with force because the camera wouldn’t let it go. I liked how some photos look wonky and out of focus, for me it has a certain charm, which is what I love about analog photos as well.





Exploring the Universe: California-San Francisco <3

When I was making my US Bucket list, I added “Visit San Francisco” there, thinking it might be unrealistic since it was a long drive to SF from LA. My aunt and her in-laws were kind enough to make my dream happen, though! We found ourselves on a road trip to Sacramento, where we’d stay for the night, then off to San Francisco we went, the next day. Huzzah!

That day was foggy and rainy, but the place was still lovely. We went to Haight-Ashbury upon the recommendation of friends (Thanks Honey and Kat!) and I had a grand time absorbing all the wonderful architecture and sights and colors. I also read that there was a Searle and 25 years of the Sandman exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum, so we went there as well. We passed through the crookedest street in the world and stuffed our faces with lutong bahay afterwards. All within one glorious day. I may have left my heart there but I am promising myself I’d return for it one sunny day.











IMG_6600 IMG_6601 IMG_6602       IMG_6512 IMG_6522 IMG_6535 IMG_6541 IMG_6543 IMG_6548 IMG_6552 IMG_6554 IMG_6570 IMG_6572 IMG_6576 IMG_6577 IMG_6580 IMG_6581 IMG_6590ImageIMG_6479

Exploring the Universe: California in film photos, part 1

My old Vivitar died on me a year or so ago, but luckily I found an old simple plain and shoot. Not a lomo, but I still loaded it with film and hoped for the best. Here are some of my fave shots from my first roll. I had four rolls developed (I’m sorry, wallet!), and I’ll be posting more film photos next time. Photos with me in it are taken by my cousin, who is an awesome photographer. You’d notice this because all the rest of the photos (meaning, taken by me) are blurred and most possibly shot in a very hurried manner because that’s just how I roll. Photos below were taken mostly in San Francisco (will blog about that whole SanFo experience in the future), and it just so happened that the weather at that time was not that nice, which explains why most of the photos here are grayish and gloomy. I kind of like how they turned out though! Some photos are from Solvang, Santa Barbara and Shell beach.


Exploring the Universe: California-Shell beach and highway 41 (or, am I in a Stephen King story?)

On our way to Sacramento, we passed by Shell Beach, CA, where I saw a pelican for a first time! Or something that resembles a pelican, I’m not sure:



I had to camwhore with all the whales and dinosaurs because they were there, and I was there too:


I realized recently that I quite enjoy taking landscape photos inside a moving vehicle. I like the imperfections, and there are bound to be a lot of wonkiness in the shot: blurred trees, blurred land, blurred everything mostly. But when I do get lucky and the vehicle slows down a bit when I take the shot, I get pictorial souvenirs that remind me of how I got to my destination, a reminder to always keep my eyes peeled for interestingness.
(All the photos below are taken with my point-and-shoot-canon cam, while inside a moving car, apologies for the blurriness)

We traversed Highway 41, and it was nice and peaceful—at first.

The sun was setting, the view looked lovely, and rows upon rows of trees have orange leaves (I’m from a tropical country so this was something special).


I always read about red barns so I was excited when I saw one:

For some reason, I’ve always associated barns and the vast expanse of the countryside with a Stephen King story so I kind of gave myself the creeps when I took that photo.

The lack of vehicles made the journey through the highway unnerving. The sharp curved roads that went on for what seemed like miles made me nauseous. There was a speed limit so we couldn’t slow down, especially since there was a car trailing us. When we finally saw a chance to stop for a bit, I had to go down since I wasn’t feeling that well. The air helped, but when I looked at the surrounding areas, I knew we had to hurry and leave the highway before nightfall. I wasn’t sure about this, but I didn’t see any lampposts in the road. My imagination was working overtime and thinking of Stephen King-y scenarios and it was really creeping me out.

I still took some snaps of the area though:



When we finally got off the highway, these ravens bid us goodbye:


The day ended on a happy note, with my newfound love, Jack In The Box’s Sourdough burger. Mmm, burger: