What I’ve been up to: April/May 2016

Having such a productive summer this year, filled with art and creative magic. 🙂

Started a series of after work capsule workshops for watercolor and here are my students! So proud of them:



I will be doing a journaling demo this May 7, in the Pagtitipon event above! See more details here: bit.ly/pagtitipon


I made the rubbercut bookplate and rubbercut stamps above, because I was so inspired by my collab with @kraftkart!  I designed book-themed stamps and she carved them by hand:


I also sold my handpainted gilded stickers at the BGC art mart this past weekend, sharing a booth with my good friend @ella_lama:


The day before that, my #artitas and I had a handmade sticker swap party and here’s my loot:


I have a handful of commission work that gets me excited and a trip coming up soon and I can’t be happier. Am also on day 14 of my #100daysofhandsketches in #the100dayproject and I am slowly being accustomed to drawing my hand without a pencil outline, so yay! 🙂

Hope you’re having a happy and productive summer as well. 🙂


Calligraphy on tote bags

I felt so happy when my friend Geli invited me to join her for an afternoon of painting tote bags for Avon. It was an exciting opportunity for me, since I’d be writing on bags as per requests of the clients. It would also be an on-the-spot affair, so double the excitement! And jitters too, to be honest. But the people from Avon were so warm and friendly and after some time we found ourselves cracking jokes with them while working:



This was my first customer and I hope she liked it! Apologies for the blurry photo, I think I got too excited when I took this shot haha.

We also met two very talented ladies who will also do calligraphy on the tote bags alongside us. They were only in highschool but I’m already certain they’d go places soon. 🙂 


Thank you again, Geli and Avon for this fantastic opportunity. Hope the ladies liked their customized tote bags. 🙂

Every day I’m craftin’

…or making “art” haha.

Been spending most of my free time watching movies and reading but I don’t wanna neglect my other loves so just a few minutes ago I made some tita stamps. Featuring my fave tita treasures: milk tea, hot tea, and a slice of cake, specifically brazo de mercedes from goldilocks. 🙂


These watercolor paintings below are inspired by tutorials from Sikander Singh. That camper planner is up for grabs in my instagram, btw! Check out my instagram (@mabuhaydiy) for the mechanics.


I posted this is our wall at home so I can be reminded that being a scanner and loving many many hobbies is quite alright lol.

Hope you’re having a great year so far! 🙂


Neko atsume craze

Thanks to @ella_lama, I got myself the english neko atsume app and I’ve been hooked since day 1! I am 10 gold coins away from the yard expansion and I can’t wait to finally expand my yard so I can save up for the toys and fancy food for my kitties. I love cocoa, snowball and breezy 🙂 I made a quick sketch inspired by my obsession:


Here’s our take on Katha Magazine’s “Versus”. Inspired by the botanical lettering of Bethany Robertson, Ella did the one on top and I did the one at the bottom:


Bucket list item: calligraphy/lettering atop my photos

I’ve always wanted to try this since I’ve seen it years ago and I was finally able to try it recently:



I’m pretty happy with my calligraphy progress as well. My hands are still shaky as hell, but practice makes permanent 🙂

I plan on writing this quote again in a month to check my progress. My friends have been doing it and I’m curious as to whether mine will improve as well.

Calligraphy exchange Manila 2014

I added the year because I’m looking forward to the next one next year! 🙂

Felt lucky and blessed to be part of this star-studded event. Thanks to the awesome and talented organizers, I met a lot of my fave local calligraphers and letterers.
I wasn’t able to take decent photos because I was too busy testing pens and blabbing away haha.


I pressured June into making a fansign hehe sorry June, but thanks so much! (Because owning a fansign from her is in my bucket list). Here she is (seated) with (l-r) Shawie, Mich, Anina, Ella and Lorra.


I was shameless and asked for fansigns from Abbey Sy, Anina Rubio, The Fozzy Book, Patrick Cabral, John De Veyra, Geli Balcruz, Paola Esteron, Ella Lama, John Ed, Jelvin Base, and June Digan! Thanks so much!


Nib notes: eagle, john mitchell, sirt, lus pena

After so many years with horrendous penmanship, who would’ve thought I’d actually enjoy calligraphy?

In fact, I enjoy it so much that I treated myself to some vintage nibs from Inkandmanuscriptart. I tested some nibs using walnut ink:


Apologies for the blobs and inkstains. I practiced on scratch paper and was all giddy and trembly (as you can see in my paper lol).

I’ve always wanted to learn more about the differences between nibs so here I go:

Eagle 370: smooth, not that snaggy, nice hairlines

John mitchell 138: lush downstrokes, a bit snaggy

Sirt bronze: unpredictable, snaggy and blobby for me. BUT that’s just me. I shall try again in the future with this.

Lus Pena Legnani 621: nice flex, I like this.

I compared Lus with the Eagle since they felt similar, and the Eagle is less flexible, writes smaller.

Which nibs are your faves?

Artsycraftsy experiment: A real cola pen!

Guess what I made? 🙂
Because I was curious about the advantages of using a REAL, live cola pen, I decided to bite the bullet and just make one. Very very carefully.

So I got a can, and just went for it.
I used a popsicle stick as handle, and muttered some prayers as I cut the can.

Thankfully, I didn’t cut myself. I made one for each color and several more for giving away to friends 🙂


I found a hard, acetate-like plastic which I used to create more pens with. I’m excited to play with my new pens! What have you been making lately? 🙂