Childhood obsessions

I have so many obsessions as a kid: cartoons (particularly jem and the holograms, rainbow brite and sailor moon), stationery and ya paperbacks, collecting letters and writing to penpals,  collecting stickers etc. Etc.

I recently found evidence of my obsessions when I was looking for something else. Haha.

Here they are, from 1999:


I realized I drew what I loved the most at that moment, and back then I loved the rugrats and maybe Quinn? Heh. That Sailor moon drawing pad is filled with copied sanrio characters lols.

My fave local writer back then was Jessica Zafra. Loved her writing style and sense of humor and wit. Loved it so much I cut out her column from the newspaper for 2 or more years since 1997:


P.s. I am still addicted to stickers and stationery and cutting things I love from newspapers and magazines. 🙂