Good things: ber months!

In a few days, it’ll be Christmas! I’m a bit panicky since I haven’t shopped for presents yet, but I’m thinking of ways to use my existing materials for making handmade gifts this year. Any suggestions?

I’m happy to report though, that I haven’t abandoned my #create365 challenge on instagram. Yay!

Here are some things I’ve been making:

A quick Frida sketch using watercolor (no pencil drawing because I am stubborn and impulsive and sleepy):


A washi fashion collage with chinese ink:


I drew CJ De Silva’s cat, Tomas:


I’ve been practicing calligraphy and brush pen lettering too–and I still have a lot of other stuff I want to play with/use. I’m happy my day job ends at the office, which gives me some time to pursue things I really, really love. 🙂


Artsycraftsy experiment: The Unbubu project

I can still remember that incident when I was a freshman in highschool. A classmate was asking if anyone had a highlighter. I’ve been reading about that in the makeup section of magazines but wasn’t that knowledgeable yet in the world of arts and crafts (i.e. Highlighter pens) so I asked her out loud: Ano yun? She looked at me as if I didn’t know what water was. “Highlighter! Yung panghighlight ng books! Ang bobo mo naman.”
Except she said it in that pa-cute way: “Bubu”

Of course, her words stung–I was an overly-conscious pre-teen and was over sensitive.

But that’s the past. I’d like to think I have more knowledge in the world of makeup and arts/crafts supplies nowadays. I hope the ates at Natio aren’t annoyed when I butt in when they’re asked by the customers about which pen/paint is better hehe. I speak from experience now because I am a pen/arts and crafts materials addict/hoarder (this childhood trauma might be the root of that lol).

I’m actually proud of my past self for daring to ask. Never be ashamed to ask–it’s presumptuous to think that we know everything.

I made my #unbubu project because that incident made me value the importance of humility and curiosity. And of being kinder to others.

But it’s also pun-ny and I love puns.

I’m mixing Buffy quotes with photos I painted from Bust magazine:


Before that, I painted Shailened Woodley:


And Ellen Page:


Artsycraftsy experiment: Glow drawings!

I’ve been drawing on this black sheet that Nayna found from Divi. I like the surprise colors I get when I begin scratching the surface. I recently was able to buy Vogue Paris for dirt-cheap from Booksale and I’m using it as reference:


I also tried to write a fave poem in it:


The mag also inspired me to make quick fashion sketches, prada-inspired:


I splurged on a chinese brush you can fill with water, and with the leftover ink, made a quick sketch of a rocky cliff with the sea:


Artsycraftsy experiment: hand-drawn type

When I was a kid, my grade in penmanship was always below 80. It never reached 80, since I didn’t have the patience to do repetitive exercises. Nowadays I still don’t have the patience for it, but maybe attending a calligraphy workshop will change that.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying playing with my brush pens and making hand-drawn type: