Artsycraftsy experiment: Make small flower vases

I miss pottery and playing with clay, so I got myself some airdry clay and made some vases.

They’re my earth, air, water and fire vases, since they’re inspired by groot, mushrooms, the ocean floor and a melted candle:


Now to look for pretty flowers for these! I’m thinking of big blooms that I’ll cut short and bunch together or maybe making some paper flowers.

What do you recommend? 🙂

Artsycraftsy shenanigans: June-July

I have come to terms with the fact that I am a scanner and someone who has an extremely short attention span. When I obsess about a certain craft or art material,
I have this mistake of hoarding, only to be distracted by the next metaphorically
shiny thing. But good things do come out of that trait–I get to find out what material/technique/craft works for me and what doesn’t (like embroidery, but maybe
I can conquer that soon!)

What I love:
Here’s a clay necklace inspired by Yayoi Kusama. Can’t wait for the Kusama exhibit at the Ayala Museum next week!


Colored pencils.
Drew a peony. I used my watercolor pencils for this, and planned on wetting it but changed my mind:


Water soluble oil paint. (Hardcore oil paint might make me sick due to the
fumes, heh)
Used my palette knife in making this. I think I might be in love with that knife.
These are small canvas paintings:



Watercolor, always and forever.
Very tricky to work with, but teaches me to love imperfections and challenges me to keep on experimenting with the material. Created some note cards. gift tags, and
a zine called “Huggable Noms”, which contains my comfort foodstuff:




Washi tape. How can you not love washi tape?
To frame my drypoint cat done in printmaking class, I used neon washi tape.
Yes, I have no patience for measuring, haha:


My pigma brush pen and markers.
For making my comics. That’s my ultimate dream.

How about you? Which materials are your fave?

Crayon-resist cards, Asterix collages and more stamped cards

Today was a productive craft day since I decided to save money and just stay home, just devoting an entire day to artsycraftsy activities.

My first project involved making an owl artwork for Tippy of Googly Gooeys. (Check out her site, it’s one of my favorites!) She sent me a beautiful watercolor painting with my name in calligraphy and I’m planning on making a future post involving all the beautiful handmade items I’ve received via mail. I love snailmail! I thought she might like something with owls because I remember that awesome owl mask she did at the Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party.
I drew the owl with a waterproof marker, used the crayon-resist method to draw some feathers, and painted the background using my Prang watercolor set. Then I stamped some flowers on top. I hope she likes it!


I made a pattern stamp the other day, inspired by Escher and Cubism:


Was in the mood for ice-cream, so I used these customizable ice-cream stamps I made a few weeks ago:


Then I took out my crayons and made crayon-resist cards. I was supposed to create a tutorial but got attacked by the lazies, heh. Plus I think we were taught this in grade school so I also felt a bit shy sharing what I think you might know already, haha.


Here are the other cards I made using the same technique:


I have some leftover crepe paper from making a surprise birthday gift ball for Kate, so I used it with cutouts from a German Asterix comic I got from Booksale and made a collage. I also used my Encanta sticker dots and washi tape from Hey Kessy.



Since I love Lumpy Space Princess, I made a clay pendant of LSP too!


Happy Weekend!

Playing with clay and making a zine

I ticked off two other items in my artsycraftsy bucket list recently.

The first one involved making clay pendants. When I was a kid I used to make small clay brownies complete with tiny nut pieces on top. I was also notorious for leaving clay traces everywhere that had a nice texture: tabletops, phone holes, cement walls, and even the tv logo, since I have just discovered the wondrous world of embossing then. I liked the brightly-colored tiny blocks and play-doh. My birthday falls near Christmas and my parents probably observed how obsessed I was with clay and I was the lucky recipient of a Play-Doh Ice Cream Parlor set (Two of my favorites in one package!). I think the seven-year-old me hyperventilated and cried then (just like I do now whenever I get too excited). That toy was passed on to younger cousins, but I still remember the hours of fun I had playing with it, pretending I was creating ice cream concoctions using clay.

Anyway! Here are the pendants I’ve made. I used baker’s twine from Hey Kessy for that soft, whimsical appeal.  Image

The next item is: “Make a zine”. My obsession with zines started when I read stuff about it online when I was in college. I would get free copies during events or I would buy them during zine expos and I am just so blown away by how unique each zine is. I am in awe of zinesters like Nicole Georges (Invincible Summer) or Summer Pierre (How To Be An Artist In The Workplace), and even more amazed when I was able to score a copy of Invincible Summer (the anthology version) at Booksale, and get a copy of Summer Pierre’s limited edition zine from Ms. Pierre herself! It’s a great time to be a fangirl, haha.

I made the first issue a few years ago and made the second issue a few months after that. Gave the second issue to my penpal and forgot to make myself a copy, heh. Also, I made this third issue during lunch break so I was in a hurry and I wrote “volume 3” instead of “issue 3”, oops. Gave away 5 copies to Instagram friends (I’m aphazia over there), and each issue is cut by hand and I still can’t cut a straight line, so dear recipients I’m sorry if they’re wonky. Still hope you like ’em though!

Being a ‘zinester’ in the future is now in my dream list. 🙂