What I’ve been up to: February 2018

I’ve always felt that Valentine’s day is my kind of holiday: lots of cheesiness, flowers and chocolates galore, hearts hearts hearts plastered everywhere, and all those hues of pink and red.

This year, I received so many happy surprises from my partner, who remembered my fave flowers: gerberas, statice and carnations!

She also surprised me with a pamper kit (which serendipitously is also what I gave her lol) via a scavenger hunt and numerous (!!!) love letters. How’d I get this lucky?

We also went to Baler to surf together. The Joy bus ride was terrifying, tbh, but having someone hold my hand while I clutched theirs with a death grjp throughout the nerve-wracking ride made it (a bit) bearable. ♡

Loved the chill vibe of Charlie Does!

I’ve been dreaming of owning my very own Camel midori so I finally got one!

I also went to the Big Bad Wolf Booksale and almost fainted from happiness. Here are the books I got:

I focused on arts and crafts books since I know these are the really pricey ones that I’ve been eyeing in bookstores. We went twice but I think the best finds are found in the earlier days. Less messy bookpiles and less people too!

I got inspired to paint some sakura blossoms using fountain pen ink (oxblood):

Since I missed making collages, I made some collages recently as well. My books from the #bbwolfbooksph inspired me to make these:

Plus, I’ve been filling up my journal/planner pages daily:

I hope February has been kind to you too! 😙

What I’ve been up to: January 2017

I’ve received my dream cover and have differentiated my two hobonichis by having one as my #HOMEbonichi and the other as my #ROAMbonichi. My homebonichi stays at home and is meant to be used as my gratitude and wonderfulness journal–filled with the highlights of each day and what I’m grateful for. My roambonichi comes with me everywhere, and is filled with ideas, art experiments, longform journaling and lunch break journaling. I’m happy about this setup and looking at the 2 beautiful covers and inside colors side by side makes me giddy! 🙂


Sorry for the bad lighting–I took this photo as soon as I received my sherbet (left) cover haha.

Here are some pages:




I’ve been doing collages lately as well. It feels good just tearing the paper and gluing things down.


I tried mixing matcha soymilk and jasmine and it made a cool yummy refreshing drink. I drank it and ate my fave corn nuts while journaling on my midori. My midori has more watercolored food items (I like how there’s more space there) and ephemera because my hobonichis are both a6 in size so the space is sometimes a bit small haha.


I’ve added a hashtag in my instagram (@mabuhaydiy) called #mabuhaydiyjournals so that my journal posts are all seen in just one click. Mostly so I can see stuff that made me happy since my journal entries are mostly stuff that made my day/week. Check it out if you want to see it too! 🙂 I’m not yet done tagging all photos because there are too many but maybe someday 🙂

You’re invited to my first journaling demo :)

Hello friends! I will be doing a journaling demo on May 7 at the Pagtitipon event hosted by @thecuriousartisan @the_md_writes and @calligrakada. 🙂

I’ve been writing and drawing and collaging on my journals since I was a kid because it helped me remember the highlights of my day and document happy memories. I also try to draw what I see as much  as I can because a drawing done from life can easily transport you to that exact moment, like magic! Try it and see what I mean.

I made several rubber stamps today: a bookplate, diy seals and a mail-themed one for my journals and books:


I also collaborated with @kraftkart! I designed these book-themed stamps–a botanical bookplate and mini books:


So many exciting things are happening all at once and it makes me so giddy, thank universe! Happy weekend!

What I’ve been up to: April 2016

How’s your year so far? Summer is really here in Manila and I find myself enjoying hanging out inside an air conditioned mall when I have free time, finishing spreads in my art journal. It helps if you have icy cold milk tea with you while you work haha.

My planner is filled with things I’m grateful for. A sneak peek:


I love making art before I rush off to work each morning. Here’s a washi fashioj collage I made the other day:


P.s. These gilded hand-painted stickers will be on sale in a bazaar very soon! Stay tuned for the details 🙂


Film photos: Tales from the city

While mourning the death of my Vivitar camera, I remembered how I was given a basic point and shoot camera as a birthday gift when I was a young girl. I wasn’t able to use it that much since I had no budget for film back then. I still have no budget now, haha, but I am blessed with generous friends (Thanks D and G!) who share their film rolls with me. I wish I could have unlimited film and free film developing. However, since it’s more pricey than digital photos, I like how it forces you to commit to a memory, and fast: What would I love remembering–this moment before I blow the candles on my cake with all my guests expectantly grinning at me, the moment of the actual candle-blowing with the singing on the background, the pleasant taste of the most delicious cake I’ve ever tasted?

I find myself budgeting my shots and forgetting about my film rolls. In an effort to save, I stash my used film rolls in a bag somewhere, with the goal of having the lot (cheaper in bulk) developed and delivered to me by my beloved Digiprint. Alas, Digiprint is no more, and I am left with undeveloped rolls and a bit of regret about the wasted time.

However! Fuijifilm still develops film, and even if they cost more than what Digiprint used to charge, I still feel happy that my memories could return to me with all the dreamy haze that only a film photo could provide.

Here, then, are snapshots from my beloved Manila, a slice of everyday:



P.S. I find myself loving oil pastels more and more. In an attempt to challenge myself further, I’ve made my very first pastel portrait painting.

…and some dreamscape collages!

Graduation and experimenting with new techniques

It felt so great when I finally graduated from Master Fernando Sena’s art class a few weeks ago. 🙂 It was legit, complete with entrance of colors and a march and speeches!


I was able to tick off another item in my bucket list, which is to exhibit my artwork:


Met a lot of new friends and gained lots of new knowledge. I’m glad I attended this class. Thanks for the photos, lovely Jianina!

I’m planning on attending the advanced art classes but since I’m a bit busy with work lately (and low on funds heh), I’m teaching myself as of now with the help of books and trial and error.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with various techniques and art materials. I think pastel and I are friends now. Here’s a nude drawing work in progress. based on a reference photo from my beloved book of vintage lesbian pulp fiction covers. There was text near the butt area so I was a bit confused about the shadowing and contours in that area haha.

I’m obsessed with grumpy cat! Below are drawings using Mongol Inkjoy ballpoint pens. Fun and challenging!


Mixed media collage using magazine cutouts and watercolor. I call this “Imagined galaxies: where flowers explode in bloom and the seven suns wander freely”


I’m learning so much from the online art course in coursera! For our first assignment related to Surrealism, I made this using pastel and magazine cutouts:


I didn’t realize that there were so many surrealist techniques! I like cubomania:


Quick fashion sketches using my fave pens:

My first commissioned washi fashion collage

I’m very excited about my first commissioned piece! The partner’s highschool friend asked me to create a washi fashion collage for her room, with an “oriental” theme and with the base color as red, since it’s her favorite color. I didn’t have red washi tape from my stash (eep) so it was serendipitous when my friend Geli was kind enough to share and swap her red washi tapes with me. Thanks Geli!

Here’s what I did:


I was also able to find some pretty feathers for my merbird. Here she is with her colorful tail and rubberstamped wings:


Crayon-resist cards, Asterix collages and more stamped cards

Today was a productive craft day since I decided to save money and just stay home, just devoting an entire day to artsycraftsy activities.

My first project involved making an owl artwork for Tippy of Googly Gooeys. (Check out her site, it’s one of my favorites!) She sent me a beautiful watercolor painting with my name in calligraphy and I’m planning on making a future post involving all the beautiful handmade items I’ve received via mail. I love snailmail! I thought she might like something with owls because I remember that awesome owl mask she did at the Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party.
I drew the owl with a waterproof marker, used the crayon-resist method to draw some feathers, and painted the background using my Prang watercolor set. Then I stamped some flowers on top. I hope she likes it!


I made a pattern stamp the other day, inspired by Escher and Cubism:


Was in the mood for ice-cream, so I used these customizable ice-cream stamps I made a few weeks ago:


Then I took out my crayons and made crayon-resist cards. I was supposed to create a tutorial but got attacked by the lazies, heh. Plus I think we were taught this in grade school so I also felt a bit shy sharing what I think you might know already, haha.


Here are the other cards I made using the same technique:


I have some leftover crepe paper from making a surprise birthday gift ball for Kate, so I used it with cutouts from a German Asterix comic I got from Booksale and made a collage. I also used my Encanta sticker dots and washi tape from Hey Kessy.



Since I love Lumpy Space Princess, I made a clay pendant of LSP too!


Happy Weekend!

DIY: Pattern stamps, sea glass pendants and calligraphed washi cards

I drank a lot of tea yesterday and couldn’t sleep. Since I knew I didn’t have to wake up early the next day (yay!), I brought out my craft supplies and crafted the night away. Alessa‘s pattern stamps had me so inspired that I tried and made some of my own. Before carving though, I tried to make a rainbowy stamp pad first, using tube watercolors. Pink is my favorite color so there has to be pink there too:


The first pattern stamp I did (lower right) reminded me of Mexican bunting or Papel picado. I got so excited by the results that I made another one. This time I didn’t plan a design, I mostly wanted to test the wood carving tools Rox so generously lent me. I actually like the results, which looks like a galaxy (leftmost).Image

The other day I found my sea glass stash. I got it from our Laiya trip years ago with office friends. It was rainy and I saw that the shore was filled with sea glass, which I adore. When they saw me scanning the shoreline for these, my office friends went searching for them as well, and I ended up with more than a fistful because of their help. 🙂 For our assignment in fashion design class last year, we were tasked to design gowns for a wedding. My wedding was sea-themed, and the bridal gown was light and lacey, the color of sand,  embroidered with accents that mimic the sea: tiny coral-colored beads, and intricate wire-wrapped bits of sea glass.

I painted the sea glass with acrylic paint, and am planning on making it a pendant. Here they are inside my handmade stoneware that I made in pottery class:Image

Made some washi cards with calligraphy the other day too!


Craft snack: Oranges, my favorite fruit after Philippine mangoes. Look how Lanelle Abueva’s stoneware plate made them look all the more appealing and yummy:Image

DIY: Collaged washi cards

I was organizing my craft box the other day and I stumbled upon an old MT tape brochure I got from Heima years ago. I remembered how my love affair with washi tape started and until now I’m still excited about the endless possibilities washi tape can offer. I saw a project in the brochure involving polaroid and colored paper as art, stuck to the wall with washi tape. It inspired me to make these collaged washi cards, using the most abundant material at home: magazine cutouts!

What you’ll need:

– Cardstock (I used blank index cards but I bet brown cardstock would look amazing!)

– Colored paper (Or interesting-looking paper: Construction paper, crepe paper, art paper, origami paper, scrapbook patterned paper, vintage book pages, graphing paper)

– Cutouts from magazines (You can also check out nice images from newspapers! Or use your own artwork. 🙂 )


1. Fold your cardstock in half. Cut the colored paper in a size a bit smaller than the cardstock. I used pinking shears because I can never cut a straight line. Heh. Position it wherever you want.


2. Decide where you’ll place your cutout, you can use a dab of glue to stick it to the cardstock too.


3. Use washi tape to decorate the edges and to also stick all the elements to the card. I used the round edge puncher given to me by Nayna (Thank you!) to round off the edges.


4. Voila! Instant collaged washi card!

Here are the other cards I did. I used a brown paper bag as the colored paper and cut the image with pinking shears for the first one. For the second one, I tore the colored paper for a distressed effect. Have fun making your collaged washi cards! 🙂 I’d love to see what you can come up with!