Birthday salubong and pottery wonderland

For a change, I welcomed my birthday the other day with an artsycrafty salubong. I picked out two creative prompts from my magic tin of creativity and made two journal pages. The first one was a mock album cover, based on one of my favorite albums, which is Cynthia Alexander’s Insomnia and Other Lullabies:


The second challenge involved creating a journal page using only one base color.Image

On the day of my birthday, we visited Crescent Moon in Antipolo. Two words: Ceramic wonderland. Lanelle Abueva is a genius. Take a look:



Here’s my loot. Plates that look good enough to eat, and a tiny teacup and saucer:Image


Merbird planner

Merbird planner

My father gave me a Starbucks planner for Christmas. I chose white so I could paint on it but changed my mind (drying time might be too long and I’m impatient like that) and decided to make a collage for the cover instead. Took out my washi tapes and markers and made a New Year Merbird.

The Merbird Story

I love discovering new craft activities to try and obsessing about them, then forgetting about them temporarily when some other craft activity distracts me. Blame it on my extremely short attention span.

For some time several years ago I had this idea to make felt plushies and brooches. I hoarded felt fabric from Divisoria and prepared to sew, until I realized that I didn’t really have the patience for sewing. I will forever be in awe of people who are able to draw using needles and thread.

Before giving up though, I drew brooch prototypes and one character magically appeared–a mythical creature that is half-bird, half-fish. I named her as a “merbird”, and promptly forgot about her. One day, years later, I became nostalgic and took a peek inside my old journals. I saw various studies of this said creature and began to draw her again, with her friends and family.

What’s not to love about birds and how they’re connected to dinosaurs? I am in love with birdsong and look forward to waking up each morning to it. They make me envious of their wings and how they harness the power of flight. Fishes remind me of the majestic beauty of the sea, and as a Capricorn (half-goat, half-fish), the melding of the elements of water, earth and air, really appeal to me.

I peppered the collage with polka-dotted washi, since polka dots bring forth prosperity, and I’m all for that.

Happy New Year! May this coming year provide you with plenty of good vibes and good cheer. 🙂 (And lots of creative endeavors!)