What I’ve been up to: July 2016

Hi friends! July has been a pretty productive month, so far! I’m learning watercolor via a book by Yuko Nagayama. The first lesson is painting apples which I thought was easy. 2 hours later, and I almost gave up  haha:


Have you watched Ghostbusters? Please do and have your kids watch it too. It passed the Bechdel test and is pretty empowering and just plain fun:


Obviously I love Kate Mckinnon so I had to have that funko pop. 🙂 I’ve been making more comics too!

Here are my memories of NY via washi collages:


I also tried painting flowers using gouache for the first time! I enjoyed the process:


Painting in my travel journal a lot, and painting flowers more. I wanted to try that beautiful loose airy Yao Cheng style but I guess I’m just more a messy, cluttery type of flower painter. Lol. I am accepting this, Universe! 🙂 For more of my adventures, see you on instagram! @mabuhaydiy 🙂


Exploring the Universe: California-San Francisco <3

When I was making my US Bucket list, I added “Visit San Francisco” there, thinking it might be unrealistic since it was a long drive to SF from LA. My aunt and her in-laws were kind enough to make my dream happen, though! We found ourselves on a road trip to Sacramento, where we’d stay for the night, then off to San Francisco we went, the next day. Huzzah!

That day was foggy and rainy, but the place was still lovely. We went to Haight-Ashbury upon the recommendation of friends (Thanks Honey and Kat!) and I had a grand time absorbing all the wonderful architecture and sights and colors. I also read that there was a Searle and 25 years of the Sandman exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum, so we went there as well. We passed through the crookedest street in the world and stuffed our faces with lutong bahay afterwards. All within one glorious day. I may have left my heart there but I am promising myself I’d return for it one sunny day.











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Exploring the Universe: California part 2-The LA Art Book Fair at MOCA

When a friend (Thanks, Iori!) mentioned that there would be an Art Book Fair at LA at around the time I arrived, I immediately googled it up-this was an event I did not want to miss. Luckily, we were able to check it out on its last day (which meant that most items were on sale when it was nearing the closing hours), so, yay!

Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair held at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA was an event that had everything I loved- handmade books, zines, comics, creators manning their booths to facilitate connections/interactions (and my fangushing), art books and lovely people.

Upon arriving, I immediately headed to the zine section, where I almost lost my marbles due to the sheer awesomeness of everything. Zines and zinesters everywhere! I had to be constantly reminded by my relatives to check the whole area first before spending all my monies in the first stall I checked out. Everything was glorious. It was overwhelmingly fantastic.

I chanced upon the stall of one of my idols, Esther Pearl Watson! I saw her comics first in BUST magazine (Tammy Pierce is Unlovable) and it’s the first part I read in the magazine, I love it so.  It was a bit embarrassing when I asked her if she had more items by EPW only to realize that she IS EPW. She was so friendly and nice!



I got to meet a lot of my idols at the zine area! I was too happy browsing the zines in all the tables that I forgot that I haven’t checked out the other areas yet, yikes. This ended with me hurrying past the queer zines and art books just so I could visit all the stalls (and they were a lot!). Haha. I wanted to buy this queer zine anthology but I used up my budget in the zines area. Note to self: Pacing is key when it comes to book fairs.

Here’s photographic evidence of the awesomeness of the fair, and snapshots of the people who were cool and friendly (and beautifullllll):
I’ll post a pic of my loot soon! I bought a lot and I might give away some of ’em (I’ve read them all already), so stay tuned!

Read Part 1 here.

Artsycraftsy shenanigans: June-July

I have come to terms with the fact that I am a scanner and someone who has an extremely short attention span. When I obsess about a certain craft or art material,
I have this mistake of hoarding, only to be distracted by the next metaphorically
shiny thing. But good things do come out of that trait–I get to find out what material/technique/craft works for me and what doesn’t (like embroidery, but maybe
I can conquer that soon!)

What I love:
Here’s a clay necklace inspired by Yayoi Kusama. Can’t wait for the Kusama exhibit at the Ayala Museum next week!


Colored pencils.
Drew a peony. I used my watercolor pencils for this, and planned on wetting it but changed my mind:


Water soluble oil paint. (Hardcore oil paint might make me sick due to the
fumes, heh)
Used my palette knife in making this. I think I might be in love with that knife.
These are small canvas paintings:



Watercolor, always and forever.
Very tricky to work with, but teaches me to love imperfections and challenges me to keep on experimenting with the material. Created some note cards. gift tags, and
a zine called “Huggable Noms”, which contains my comfort foodstuff:




Washi tape. How can you not love washi tape?
To frame my drypoint cat done in printmaking class, I used neon washi tape.
Yes, I have no patience for measuring, haha:


My pigma brush pen and markers.
For making my comics. That’s my ultimate dream.

How about you? Which materials are your fave?