Let’s talk about art with #realtalktambay!

So honored and excited to be talking about creativity and art and making next Saturday at Local Edition for #realtalktambay! This is hosted by @ella_lama and here’s the poster:


There are a few slots left, so do click the link if you wanna join: http://bit.ly/realtalktambay

Also joining @getfiled’s fun challenge!

Constant creation is my #GoldenGoal in life because I believe it is the best, fastest, and easiest way to improve as a creative. Practice makes permanent, after all! 🙂 

Can’t wait for the unveiling of the @getfiled 2017 planners! 🙌.  Planning on using it as an art journal and filling out mine with creative art prompts.


Will be talking more about daily practice in #realtalktambay and I’ll be sharing tips and techniques that might work for you if you want to try it as well. 🙂

Hope to see you there!!

P.s. Here are some bouquets from my #30daysofimpressionisticbouquets using colors from the #colorexploration challenge:


Bullet journal obsession


I’m spending a lot of time recently trying to organize my life and so far, I really enjoy compartmentalizing my art from my lists from my daily tasks using various journals/planners. I use my Starbucks planner for daily gratitudes, and my three traveler’s notebooks have separate functions: one is my bullet journal, one is for my drawings and stuff I’ve eaten, and the last one is my travel sketchbook. I love how they’re light and compact. Now I know why these notebooks have so many fans! I still want a regular camel one for a cover–I still don’t have a cover haha.
My bullet journal basically has pages of lists. I realized that I enjoyed writing lists, but hated that I couldn’t find everything, so the index part is what I use the most. I get tons of inspiration from searching “#bulletjournal” from instagram but to be honest I know I can never draw straight lines even when using a ruler. Drawing lines is just not for me haha. I do enjoy the prospect of doing brush calligraphy for headers using my brush pens, and I tried bringing all my colored pens to work to try and finish a page during breaktime but it didn’t work. I got so overwhelmed with the choices I couldn’t even start the page lol.
I stuck to pink and green for this one, since I had a lot of pink and green frixion pens. I also use an erasable fountain pen that I bought from the SM Stationery section. I used stencils that I got from an ukay-ukay eons ago.
So far my favorites are those collection pages, and my wishlist page, which contains stuff I really want and how much I need to save to buy it. Got the idea from one of the awesome bujo-ers online but my memory fails me–I can’t seem to remember from whom, so sorry!
I also track nice sensory moments daily because it’s want I want to remember most. 🙂



There are so many fabulous ideas online and countless videos and blog posts on how to set up your bullet journal, which is a system invented by Ryder Carroll, which you can learn more about in this video:
Do you keep a bullet journal too? What’s your fave thing about it? 🙂

Parkfest at Nayong Pilipino!


See that higante? That’s what the #ARTitasofManila and I painted for the Parkfest event at Nayong Pilipino. The event aims to revive our beloved Nayong Pilipino through showcasing the works of local creatives. We were very lucky to have been invited to be a part of this event. 🙂 We got the Mindanao higante and we scheduled a day for painting it and painted from 10 am to 8pm! Super worth it though, especially when we see that the crowd appreciated our efforts. 🙂

Here are photos of the other higantes:


With the artitas (missing Lai and Airees). We are eternally grateful for the help of Tita Geli and Tyang Ella too, thanks Titas!


There are so many beautiful artworks made by Filipino creatives in the park, and you can visit the park till 7pm today to see the works for yourself!

I joined Richelle’s chalk walk and started to draw this merbird using white chalk but unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish it. Happy that when I returned to it some kids have already colored some parts:


Ceramic butterflies by Iori:


Streetfood art by Camy:


Wire sculptures by Maikala:


Bamboo art chimes by Geli, Anina, Carl and Jelvin:



There was a cotton candy stall, a sorbetes stall, ihaw-ihaw, other food items and arts and crafts stalls.

Hi Pierra, Cynthia and Arnold!


Kalesa by Abbey:



Flowers by Mabby:


Interactive kalayaan mural by Ella and June:


Jeep art by Patrick and John Ed:


You can tie your wishes for the Philippines here and here’s mine:


So grateful we got to be a part of this nationalistic and art-filled venture. 🙂

An artsy craftsy summer at the SM Stationery Art Fest

Summer for me means unwinding, relaxing, and trying new things. I did all of those today at the SM Stationery Art Fest at SM Megamall. I also met new friends!

If you love arts and crafts supplies and learning as much as I do, I bet you’d have a blast as well at the SM Stationery Art Fest. I’m still adding items to my wishlist haha. From today till April 17, Sunday, they’re having pop-up booths of arts and crafts brands, coloring activities, on-the-spot calligraphy and papercutting, and more!

This coming weekend (April 16-17), they’ll be having the workshops of super-talented local creatives. The corresponding workshop per brand is free when you purchase Php300 worth of products from their partner brands: Ifex (International Fine Paper Exchange), Pentel, Titus and Faber-Castell. For updates and for the details, check out their FB page: facebook.com/smstationeryph. Or check out my previous post.

I have always loved arts and crafts supplies so I was really excited about today’s event. (So excited that I went to the venue one hour earlier, lol)

Even the stage got me excited! How awesome is this giant orange comma:



At the Ifex booth were these beautiful artworks by Alexis of Inkscribbler. They also sold various pads (Canson is one of my faves!), calligraphy pads and the books of Abbey Sy:


Here’s Wednesday Sambile, doing on-the-spot papercutting and calligraphy! Starting today until Sunday, you can get a free papercut and/or calligraphy from her when you buy Php200 worth of products from Ifex.


These paper samples from Ifex had me salivating–I’m a sucker for colorful things and paper so I spent a lot of time just admiring these samples. You can order paper from them for use in invites, greeting cards, business cards, etc.:


At the Pilot booth, where you can test their parallel pens:IMG_20160413_203815.jpg

Here’s Tippy and Pearl trying them out:


Adult coloring books!


There were artworks everywhere to inspire you even more:


I got excited when I saw the Faber-Castell polychromos pencils at their booth:


The greatest part was when I asked if I could try them and they said yes! Another item ticked off my bucket list. 🙂


They’re so easy to blend and smooth–I can imagine why it’s part of their premium line. Wish I could have this set (and the beautiful container!).

More artworks:

These mason jars with colored pens inside and fresh flowers are so pretty! At the Titus booth:


These flowers are fresh and lovely! I had to take another photo. I want to draw/paint this one day:


Since I love notebooks and pens, I was drawn to SM Stationery’s stall. Notebooks and pens make my heart beat faster haha:IMG_20160413_160715.jpg

Got myself nifty pens! Look at those cute designs!


In the venue are huge color-it-yourself murals that anyone can color or doodle on. Here’s me trying it out. Thanks to Tita Ella for taking this photo!

Happy to see everyone coloring and doodling! Love how art brings people together, no matter what your age may be:


I ended the day feeling inspired and invigorated, and surprisingly relaxed. Something about art puts me in the zone and most of the time it’s almost the same relaxed level of feeling you get from a massage or from a chill day. Does that happen to you too?

Here’s a peek of my loot–Expect a detailed review soon! I can’t wait to play with all of them. 🙂

Hurry on over to SM Megamall for the SM Stationery Art Fest until this Sunday, April 17. Unleash your creative side and have an artsy craftsy summer! 🙂

P.S. Check out the instagram hashtag: #SMStationeryArtFest for more photos from today’s event.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. 🙂


What I’ve been up to: March 2016

This has been a beautiful, art-filled month! I was able to visit Yuchengco museum for the trade fair for women’s month and we were lucky enough to access the museum that day for free!

I’ve been so inspired by frannerd’s ‘Draw Outside’ series, so I tried drawing a fave Amorsolo painting too:


Here are my other favorite artworks. To know who made each, check out my instagram: @mabuhaydiy 🙂


My greatest purchase involves this midori traveler’s notebook insert. Still saving up for the cover, but for now, this works well for me. I personalized it with washi tape and a unicorn sticker:


I love the page size, which is challenging but also manageable for making art, and how I can use both sides of the paper, how it’s sturdy enough. My eyes are happy with seeing all the beautiful inspiring pages using the hashtag #travelersnotebook in instagram. 

Here are some pages I made:



My passion for stickers have been rekindled by this journal obsession. I’ve been making these handpainted stickers for a long time but seeing planner layouts made me interested again in making various ones. I made summery neon ones:


Every day I’m craftin’

…or making “art” haha.

Been spending most of my free time watching movies and reading but I don’t wanna neglect my other loves so just a few minutes ago I made some tita stamps. Featuring my fave tita treasures: milk tea, hot tea, and a slice of cake, specifically brazo de mercedes from goldilocks. 🙂


These watercolor paintings below are inspired by tutorials from Sikander Singh. That camper planner is up for grabs in my instagram, btw! Check out my instagram (@mabuhaydiy) for the mechanics.


I posted this is our wall at home so I can be reminded that being a scanner and loving many many hobbies is quite alright lol.

Hope you’re having a great year so far! 🙂


Icons of a typical workday

Inspired by a skillshare project from the noun project, I made handdrawn icons describing a typical workday:
Instagram, tea, a bit of exercise, art before breakfast, check the time, I might be late, make more art if there’s more time, read a bit if there’s time, walk, buy coconut juice, walk, wait for the light to be green, underpass, walk, admire the flowers, stairs, powder my sweaty self, toast my bread for my second breakfast, work, listen to music, sneak artmaking during lunch break 🙂


Twyk pampanga!

My friends and I are planning an awesome artsy craftsy teach what you know/tambay/demo/mini-workshop at Pampanga! We hope you can join us there! I’ll be sharing my love for fashion illustration, and my friends will share their knowledge and love for rubbercut stamps, calligraphy and lettering, papercutting, and starting a business doing what you love! For only php250, your afternoon will be filled with arts and crafts and lots of good vibes and new friends!
Click below to register:


Poster by @thepapercat

Artsycraftsy adventure: Make temporary tattoos!

I felt so lucky and happy when I found out I had a slot in Alessa from lifeafterbreakfast’s temporary tattoo-making party.

So excited that I arrived an hour before the scheduled time lol.

When we started, I got so giddy and excited and started filling my paper with everything I fancied: merbirds, cats, a unicorn, some flowers:


I got so excited that I accidentally ruined a third of the sticker sheet in my haste haha.

The unicorn survived though:


With creative genius, Alessa. Her flower tattoo is too lovely for words:


I then headed to the Global Pinoy bazaar at World Trade Center where I got these goods:


Mini Bonifacio bust, handmade unlined notebook from @pluma_ph, adobo choco from theo & philo, chinese waterbrush from @craftcarrot and panda plush from cliqnship!