Exploring the Universe: Baguio, caught on film

I wish I had more money for film photos! I love its grainy quality. No film photo set of mine would be complete without the occasional shaky shot–my hands are pasmado and I’m excitable so I have accepted this already as fate hehe. Most photos here were shot in the BenCab Museum, another museum that I love.







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Exploring the Universe: California in film photos part 3: Huntington Botanical Gardens

One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in California is the Huntington Botanical Gardens. They practically had to drag me out of there during closing time because I kept chasing after squirrels and gulping down deep breaths believing that the freshness of the air here is different (because of all the flowers and trees).

I was able to take some film photos. Mostly blurry, as always, due to being overly excited, hehe:



Exploring the Universe: California in film photos, part 2: Perfectly imperfect

More film photos! This was my hopeless roll, and by hopeless I mean my normal point-and-shoot film camera wouldn’t let me rewind itself so I took matters in my own hand and rewinded the film myself, inside the dark bedroom, inside a black jacket.

Surprisingly, I liked the results! I was actually surprised it had no smudgy fingerprints because I’m pretty sure my fingers were all sweaty when I had to tug the film with force because the camera wouldn’t let it go. I liked how some photos look wonky and out of focus, for me it has a certain charm, which is what I love about analog photos as well.





Exploring the Universe: California in film photos, part 1

My old Vivitar died on me a year or so ago, but luckily I found an old simple plain and shoot. Not a lomo, but I still loaded it with film and hoped for the best. Here are some of my fave shots from my first roll. I had four rolls developed (I’m sorry, wallet!), and I’ll be posting more film photos next time. Photos with me in it are taken by my cousin, who is an awesome photographer. You’d notice this because all the rest of the photos (meaning, taken by me) are blurred and most possibly shot in a very hurried manner because that’s just how I roll. Photos below were taken mostly in San Francisco (will blog about that whole SanFo experience in the future), and it just so happened that the weather at that time was not that nice, which explains why most of the photos here are grayish and gloomy. I kind of like how they turned out though! Some photos are from Solvang, Santa Barbara and Shell beach.


Film photos: Tales from the city

While mourning the death of my Vivitar camera, I remembered how I was given a basic point and shoot camera as a birthday gift when I was a young girl. I wasn’t able to use it that much since I had no budget for film back then. I still have no budget now, haha, but I am blessed with generous friends (Thanks D and G!) who share their film rolls with me. I wish I could have unlimited film and free film developing. However, since it’s more pricey than digital photos, I like how it forces you to commit to a memory, and fast: What would I love remembering–this moment before I blow the candles on my cake with all my guests expectantly grinning at me, the moment of the actual candle-blowing with the singing on the background, the pleasant taste of the most delicious cake I’ve ever tasted?

I find myself budgeting my shots and forgetting about my film rolls. In an effort to save, I stash my used film rolls in a bag somewhere, with the goal of having the lot (cheaper in bulk) developed and delivered to me by my beloved Digiprint. Alas, Digiprint is no more, and I am left with undeveloped rolls and a bit of regret about the wasted time.

However! Fuijifilm still develops film, and even if they cost more than what Digiprint used to charge, I still feel happy that my memories could return to me with all the dreamy haze that only a film photo could provide.

Here, then, are snapshots from my beloved Manila, a slice of everyday:



P.S. I find myself loving oil pastels more and more. In an attempt to challenge myself further, I’ve made my very first pastel portrait painting.

…and some dreamscape collages!

Vivitar-ing beaches

I miss the beach and the feeling of sand between my toes. To channel the beach vibe, I’ve been staring at my trompe l’oeil beach view (tutorial here) and eating lots of tropical fruit and drinking coconut juice.

Since I’ve only gotten my film prints developed recently, they’re nice time capsules, reminding me of my past trip to Boracay with my partner and beach-hopping all over Laiya with my family.

Good times.