What I’ve been up to: September 2016

At the start of the year, I named this year: The Year of Abundance. I was thinking that I wanted more money haha because to be quite honest I was really challenged in that area (maybe because I have hoarding tendencies and the urge to stresseat haha). Now that we’re in our Ber months, I’m happy to report that this year proved to be super abundant for me, and not just money-wise (still figuring that area out lol).

I was able to travel to new places where I got to tick off several items in my bucket list, meet a lot of new friends, test my skills in exciting but nerve-wracking activities and make lots of art! Still have a few months before 2016 closes and am sure I’ll have even more exciting surprises from the universe haha. Thanks, Universe! 🙂

In other news, I joined the workshop of Arlene Sy yesterday because I wanted to improve my flower-painting skills. She’s one of my idols because she’s so good at what she does and she has that distinct painting style which I adore. Her flowers look so fresh and alive and also delicately gorgeous. 

The workshop was held at Te Amo Floristeria at BGC and wow, that place sure is pretty! I couldn’t stop taking photos of their flowers and floral arrangements. If I were rich I’d buy flowers daily because I’m just so obsessed with them and the way they freshen up a room and make people smile. 🙂

The snacks were from @alchemybymeryl and we got to take home one beautiful yummy box each! I think I squealed with delight lol when Arlene announced that because I’m pataygutom hahaha. And because the boxes looked delightful and I wanted to store my washi tapes in them haha.

We also got a surprise flower-arranging workshop with the sweet owner of Te Amo, Ms. Amy! 🙂 Kuya had to help me wrap mine because I wasn’t able to focus because I was so distracted by all the beautiful flowers haha sorry #shortattentionspan

Here’s my rose, and I almost gave up on it because it was not cooperating with me haha. I don’t usually paint with pencil lines so this was ultra – challenging for me:


I had to keep on adding shadows to it because it looked so flat at first. Accckkk.

I was excited about the impressionistic flowers because I like painting that way:


I need more practice but am happy that it’s a start! 🙂

Also, my washi tapes fit PERFECTLY in the empty macaron box so big whoop for that:


All in all yesterday was pretty amazing! Thanks, universe! 🙂

Travel journaling, post-travel: Japan!

I realized that I’m the sort of person who’s very easily excited by the littlest things (if they’re stuff I love). During our vacation, I confess that even if I wanted to preserve every moment by drawing it, I was just too tired and distracted. I’m having fun doing it nowadays though! It makes me remember those happy moments through photos I took, or through memories I try to dig up. I challenged myself to fill up a coherent spread in a cheap notebook:


…and do detailed watercolored pages in my small hobonichi notebook (the paper is smooth and could handle a fair amount of wetness). I also made some project life spreads (see previous entry).

For both notebooks, I didn’t use pencils because I might end up erasing everything lol:


I did practice my pencil skills with this:


Teach yo’self: Watercolored seascape and a gladiola

The other day my folks came from Baguio and got me fresh flowers as pasalubong:


I tried painting the gladiola, without drawing pencil lines because I wanted to try how to be spontaneous. And I was impatient.


I also challenged myself with painting a seascape based on my memories of our local beaches. I didn’t use a reference photo so I did what I could and hoped for the best:


I plan on painting this next. Maybe I’ll draw this in pencil first:


Teach yo’self: Watercolored roses via Trevor Waugh

This is the first time I tried to paint roses under ten minutes. I have never painted using a youtube vid, so this is a first as well! Unlike other vids where the artist tells us about the materials and the steps for the painting, Trevor Waugh’s vid jumps right in, and paints within 8 minutes. I made a quick mix of pink using my waterbrush and tried to catch up with him as he painted. I love his technique, and by the time the vid was finished, I was finished as well.

I’m afraid of painting flowers since I tried it several times and I wasn’t that pleased with the results. But this vid changed my mind, I actually enjoyed the quick process!

Here are the roses I came up with:


Yay for learning!

Flower power

I couldn’t get the amazing fashion illustrations with dresses made of flowers by @grace_ciao from instagram out of my mind, so I decided to try and make some too!

I used the wilted, fallen blooms from a bouquet given to my mom, fallen gumamela flowers from our hospital visit to my tita, and during lunch today, I picked up some fallen petals from the fire tree at the park near our office.

Made some fashion illustrations using the fallen blooms, I think I’ve got a new obsession!




Happy weekend! What have you been up to lately? 🙂