Travel journaling, post-travel: Japan!

I realized that I’m the sort of person who’s very easily excited by the littlest things (if they’re stuff I love). During our vacation, I confess that even if I wanted to preserve every moment by drawing it, I was just too tired and distracted. I’m having fun doing it nowadays though! It makes me remember those happy moments through photos I took, or through memories I try to dig up. I challenged myself to fill up a coherent spread in a cheap notebook:


…and do detailed watercolored pages in my small hobonichi notebook (the paper is smooth and could handle a fair amount of wetness). I also made some project life spreads (see previous entry).

For both notebooks, I didn’t use pencils because I might end up erasing everything lol:


I did practice my pencil skills with this:


Artsycraftsy experiment: The Unbubu project

I can still remember that incident when I was a freshman in highschool. A classmate was asking if anyone had a highlighter. I’ve been reading about that in the makeup section of magazines but wasn’t that knowledgeable yet in the world of arts and crafts (i.e. Highlighter pens) so I asked her out loud: Ano yun? She looked at me as if I didn’t know what water was. “Highlighter! Yung panghighlight ng books! Ang bobo mo naman.”
Except she said it in that pa-cute way: “Bubu”

Of course, her words stung–I was an overly-conscious pre-teen and was over sensitive.

But that’s the past. I’d like to think I have more knowledge in the world of makeup and arts/crafts supplies nowadays. I hope the ates at Natio aren’t annoyed when I butt in when they’re asked by the customers about which pen/paint is better hehe. I speak from experience now because I am a pen/arts and crafts materials addict/hoarder (this childhood trauma might be the root of that lol).

I’m actually proud of my past self for daring to ask. Never be ashamed to ask–it’s presumptuous to think that we know everything.

I made my #unbubu project because that incident made me value the importance of humility and curiosity. And of being kinder to others.

But it’s also pun-ny and I love puns.

I’m mixing Buffy quotes with photos I painted from Bust magazine:


Before that, I painted Shailened Woodley:


And Ellen Page:


I remember: Wanting to write down everything

A year ago, I used to maintain a tumblr blog filled with memory triggers. I wanted to remember the highlights of each day, but didn’t have enough time to write a long-arsed diary entry about it. Thus this tumblr was born: To add to the memoryceptionness of it, I tried to post a throwback anecdote of sorts with the explanation post, but sometimes the lazies get to me, or I become too excited about the happenings for that day so that was often scrapped.

I missed that tumblr though, and so here I am again, trying to revive that concept in this platform. I love Instagram but I want to blather on and on and this here might be a better avenue for blathering. Recently, I’ve installed the WordPress phone app since I am always in a hurry and I fiercely love blogs and blogging. I spend more time with my phone than the desktop anyway, and it’s super convenient to just snap a photo and squeeze the story out of it anywhere and then post it asap. This means more frequent posts, but I do apologize for the occasional typos heh. Mah phone’s screen is small.

Where was I? Oh yeah, memories.

Let’s start with this:


A spread from my Starbucks planner last year. Because I am a bit obsessed with this “documentation” thing, I drew things I’m grateful for using watercolor pencils. From the entries, you can see that I like stuffing my face with food, shopping, crafting, surprise meetups, and bacon. And my memory still isn’t that reliable–check out that entry at the bottom left, haha. Happy to note that things haven’t changed.