What I’ve been up to: April 2017

We went to the beach! My first beach trip for the year, and it was at Laiya Coco Grove, Batangas. Spent a lot of time journaling and attempting to paint:



Went to a Hobonichi meetup where the Tokyo Hobonichi team joined us! 🙂 Here’s our hobonichi stack photo which is more of a hobonichi wall haha 🙂


Attended sakura gelly roll’s kawaii journaling workshop with chichi! Drew a bikini babe because summer haha:


Joining #the100dayproject because I want to push myself again. Hope I can finish this project! Mine is #100daysofobsessions:


P.s. Makiko, the illustrator for Hobonichi drew us in our planners! So awesome.


I gave them a washi watercolor artwork inspired by my sherbet hobonichi. I hope they like it:


Happy times, thank you

It’s when you feel too busy to make art that you probably should make art, if you were me.

I resist it a bit with chores and work as an excuse but find that it’s just like a workout–once you’re there you can’t seem to stop and you feel pretty great after.

I was inspired by FRUiTS growing up and read an article on how the fashion situation in Japan is so different now due to stores like Uniqlo. Did this washi tape fashion collage using my handmade @seamountainco palette and I find that tearing washi tape is incredibly soothing.


Quick watercolor portrait in 15 minutes–I didn’t use a pencil here so I was just modifying it as I went.


Happy that K and I are trying new restos again.


Joined my first #protonsworkshop and it was a collab with gogogelato and we got to eat lots of gelato and even see the process of making it–I got to churn some buko lychee sherbet which I took home after. Also met a lot of new friends, which makes my heart very happy. I hope you are having a good March too, wherever you may be.


What I’ve been up to: March 2017

Happy summer! Summer is my fave season and I’m so honored that I got to be the one to make the March 2017 journaling prompts for #HobonichPH:


Don’t forget to use the hashtag #HobonichiPHChallenge if you’re participating! 🙂

I had so many happy moments these past few days:

😙 I got to try and experiment and make my own handmade rose gold watercolor paint! Kinda obsessed with rose gold recently and I thought I’d try and make paint with this hue in mind:


Success! It took a lot of trial and error but happy with the outcome. Brought it with me to a mini artambay with my washi and sticker-loving friends yesterday.

😙 Got new washi tapes (first group buy and so worth it!) and mildliners yesterday and got to bond with friends:





😙 Attended the #ArtfairPH with K, her first time:


😙 I also painted mini abstract paintings which I turned to stickers using handpainted watercolors made by @seamountainco 🙂


😙 I uploaded several flipthroughs of my past journals and travel project life in my youtube channel, if you want to take a peek: http://tinyurl.com/mabuhaydiy2011journal

I hope March has been good to you too.

Digitizing my journals in Youtube

Hello! 🙂 Super excited to share with you something I’ve been working on–my journal digitizing project! I have so many journals since childhood and I’ve been meaning to archive its contents for the longest time and I’ve decided that I’d share it with you! 🙂 This is also for me, when I’m older and super forgetful, and is a way to document my progress and journey as a creative. I also plan on showing my stationery collection, art and book hauls and process vids too. Stay tuned! 🙂

What I’ve been up to: February 2017

Happy month of love! 🙂 My heart has been extra happy lately mostly because of my several fb groups– I made a washi tape and sticker lovers PH group and we have a hobonichi book club and several planner and journal FB groups as well. I think my calling might be bringing people together for art-related stuff haha. 🙂

I also got to try handmade paints by @seamountainco! Check out the colors I achieved from these 5 colors and the painting I made using these 5 as well:


I finally was able to organize my washi tapes as well!


I started an online book club years ago with daily themes on tumblr: booklat.tumblr.com 🙂 Happy that my book club dreams migrated to the FB world with the Hobonichi book club PH–here is my page for it:


Did a bit of urban sketching inside a cafe:


Received this beautiful bouquet from the gf for Valentine’s day! Such a sweet surprise, and she specifically picked different flowers because she knows I love painting them. Thanks love!


Used stickers from #ARdailysticker to decorate my monthly hobonichi spread for February:


Made some stickers too! 🙂


What I’ve been up to: January 2017

I’ve received my dream cover and have differentiated my two hobonichis by having one as my #HOMEbonichi and the other as my #ROAMbonichi. My homebonichi stays at home and is meant to be used as my gratitude and wonderfulness journal–filled with the highlights of each day and what I’m grateful for. My roambonichi comes with me everywhere, and is filled with ideas, art experiments, longform journaling and lunch break journaling. I’m happy about this setup and looking at the 2 beautiful covers and inside colors side by side makes me giddy! 🙂


Sorry for the bad lighting–I took this photo as soon as I received my sherbet (left) cover haha.

Here are some pages:




I’ve been doing collages lately as well. It feels good just tearing the paper and gluing things down.


I tried mixing matcha soymilk and jasmine and it made a cool yummy refreshing drink. I drank it and ate my fave corn nuts while journaling on my midori. My midori has more watercolored food items (I like how there’s more space there) and ephemera because my hobonichis are both a6 in size so the space is sometimes a bit small haha.


I’ve added a hashtag in my instagram (@mabuhaydiy) called #mabuhaydiyjournals so that my journal posts are all seen in just one click. Mostly so I can see stuff that made me happy since my journal entries are mostly stuff that made my day/week. Check it out if you want to see it too! 🙂 I’m not yet done tagging all photos because there are too many but maybe someday 🙂

My very own hobonichi! At last :)

I’ve been dreaming of having my own hobonichi techo planner since I saw them a couple of years ago. When we visited Japan, I was a bit taken aback by how pricey it was and when I flipped through it, I was a bit dismayed to see that the paper was so thin. I knew that the paper was tomoe river paper but I wanted to do watercolor paintings on mine so I was admittedly skeptical about this paper. Until I tried it on a friend’s midori planner which had tomoe river paper. Mind blown. I was so amazed and I regretted not buying a hobonichi immediately at that very moment haha. After that I always added it in my wishlists and lo and behold! My gf got me one for my birthday, yay! The universe heard me haha 🙂 Thanks, love!

Added gudetama stickers to the cover:


So happy and excited about it and I loved figuring out what to place in the pockets too:


Made some washi paperclips, and washi samples for on-the-go journaling:


Here are some ways I used it:




I’m lusting after the original accessories but am trying to curb my enthusiasm for spending so am resorting to DIY. I made a pencil board using a sheet from the hobonichi paper (s) notebook (which was what I bought from Japan when I couldn’t afford the hobonichi techo) and my friend @monicarize and I did a collab artwork on said page and I had it laminated:


Am happy just seeing it and am excited to make it as chubby as my 2016 starbucks gratitude journal:


Journal peek! Last quarter

It’s almost the end of the year! I’m happy I got to journal the highlights of these past few months:





I’m realizing my pages don’t have to be perfect and I’m teaching myself to journal under the keyword of abundance. I’m going to be using more stickers and washi and art materials and I’m going to be using more pages. I have this fear of supplies running out but one thing I have learned is how the universe manages to provide and deliver, in ways that surprises me (not just in art but in life in general) 🙂

Journal Journey series: Gennalie of @genspens



Hi Gennalie! Tell us about yourself. What made you start journaling and when did you start?

Hey there! I’m Gennalie, but people know me as Gen for short. I’m a design student who loves stationery, journaling and drawing! I was an avid journal user as a kid, and I picked it up again last year as a way to sort out my mind. Last year I encountered the Hobonichi journal through an artist’s youtube and I was amazed by the simplicity and how flexible a journal could be used- so I bought one myself and it’s been history since.

What journal are you using right now? Do you have more than 1 for various purposes? Do you have any specific qualities you look for in a journal?

I’m currently using two journals – a Hobonichi Cousin (A5) and an A5 Leuchtturm1917 grid book. The Hobonichi is my daily journal where I write about random topics or recall about my day while the Leuchtturm1917 is my bullet journal, a rapid and customisable planning system. I like grids and good paper quality when it comes to journals. The grids help me align and centre the content on the page and good paper quality = more tools to use!


What can we find in your journal pages?

Tidbits about my life, stories, my days and adventures in both reality and fictional worlds. If I don’t have anything for an entry for the day, I draw something instead to fill the page! The Hobonichi is great in this sense with daily pages. In my bullet journal however you’ll find lists and to-dos I need to work on for the week, including assessments and stuff I need to follow up.


Can you share your journaling routine and journaling process? How often do you journal? 

I like to journal at the end of the day, as a way to cool off and vent and to drop off all the stress. I normally sketch out something with my mechanical pencil first and ink with either a Sakura Micron Pen, a brush pen or my fountain pen. I then colour in using either my Mildliners or my ZIG Clean Color brush pens. I like to keep my pages as monochrome as possible!

For my bullet journal, I set up the weeks (and month if needed) spread on Sundays and I write down my daily to dos the night before or morning of the day. It’s simple enough to set aside twenty minutes or less to set things up!


What are your favorite brands for journaling and why? Do you have favorite stores for supplies?

Hobonichi for sure- the Tomoe river paper is a beauty and can withstand a lot of materials! It’s not too bulky as well and the covers allows you to carry additional stuff like stickers around! I also like the Leuchtturm1917, however the grid size is something I have to tolerate as I prefer the Hobonichi’s tiny grids. My favourite stores are Kinokuniya, which is a bookstore that also sells Japanese stationery, and Dymocks Stationery, where they sell popular western brands- Both can be found in the Sydney CBD!

What are your favorite journaling tools?

I absolutely love my Kakuno fountain pen, Sakura Microns and Zebra Mildliners. The latter two have been my tools since the beginning, and the first is a versatile, but great tool to work with! I also love the Sakura Gelly Rol White Gel Pen to touch up any additional details. Washi is also great to journal with- as it fills up the page easily with cute designs. I have a stash of washi in my drawer waiting to be used!


 What’s the best thing about journaling that you wish everyone knew?

Journaling is a very therapeutic practice and is a great way to look back on how you’ve grown or developed. Writing down my concerns and issues really helps my psyche and it’s fun to see how I have dealt with situations. Journaling is also very inexpensive if you wish it to be- a lot of journal enthusiasts are also stationery enthusiasts which is why a lot of people have a lot of supplies. I used to journal with just a pencil and a cheap scrap notebook!


Any tips on how people can get started with journaling?

Stop worrying about getting things perfect or pretty and just start writing. No matter what, just write. I guarantee you that if you start writing for two minutes, you’ll fill up the page in no time. Journaling, like other arts and crafts is very subjective! There are so many types for you to explore- if one doesn’t work, just change it up!


What is inspiring you right now in your journaling journey?

Right now I’m in the midst of a gaming phase, and it’s motivating me to keep journaling and jotting down my adventures so I can remember little things in each game- Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokemon moon! Those little successes really brighten up my day. Also the community itself keeps my inspiration up high. There’s so many creative people out there it astounds me and excites me to see what others are up to with every page!


If you’re restricted to journaling using only 2 tools, what would these 2 tools be and why?

This is one of the toughest questions I’ve had yet….. I’d probably go with my Pentel Fude Touch Brush Pen and either my ZIG Clean Color Brush Pens or my Sakura Koi watercolour palette (so I can work on my skills of course!). I love all my journaling tools so much, it’s too difficult to choose!


Thank you Gennalie! You can follow Gennalie via her instagram account:  @genspens

Do check out her tumblr as well!: http://genspen.tumblr.com


All photos provided by Gennalie.

Journal Journey: Ria of Imfeelingcraftytoday


1.) Tell us about yourself. What made you start journaling and when did you start?

I’m a mom of 2 boys.  I love documenting our family adventures through scrapbooking and journaling.  I had kept a diary (from papemelroti!) when I was in high school.  I didn’t write everyday, only on those days when I had something interesting to write about my crushes. 🙂

After high school, I didn’t write much except during moments when I felt sad or angry.  Then, I realized I didn’t want to have a record of those sad/angry moments lying around for someone to read, so I stopped again. I picked up journaling again a year after my second son was born as a form of therapy to combat the stresses of daily life.  This time,
it was more than just a “dear diary” thing, because I added some art into it.

2.) What journal are you using right now? Do you have more than 1 for various purposes? Do you have any specific qualities you look for in a journal?

I have more than one because I like to compartmentalize.  I have separate journals for food, patterns, travel, planner, recipe, bucket list,  #listersgottalist, etc.   I like buying journals with plain covers that I can personalize by adding stickers or stamping.  The binding is also important for me; I noticed that handsewn journals are better than stapled ones because they have less tendency to collapse.  The journal has to be able to withstand the wear and tear that stickers, watercolor and other materials can bring.  I almost never use lined paper.  I like blank pages that can handle even just a little watercolor. I don’t use the back pages because I don’t like bleed-throughs or show-throughs.


3.) What can we find in your journal pages? 

I like documenting our family adventures.  When we travel, I journal about our trip by painting the places I visited and the food I ate and then I also write down my memories of the trip.  I like sticking the memorabilia like plane tickets, brochures, etc.  to make it even more authentic.  I’m also obsessed with drawing my meals.


4.) Can you share your journaling routine and journaling process? How often do you journal? (What time of day you do it, your journaling setup in terms of materials, etc.)

I do my journaling late at night when everyone is asleep.  I can only work on my journal when it’s quiet and there are little distractions.  Doing it at the end of the day always feels like some kind of therapy to counter the stresses in my daily life.  My materials (stickers, pens, watercolor, stamps, inkpads) are all within reach so that I can start working immediately.

5.) What are your favorite brands for journaling and why? Do you have favorite stores for supplies?

For journals, I love using Labrador and the Hobonichi planner.  I also like using traveler’s notebooks from Traveler’s Factory and Airees Creates.  I use a lot of scrapbooking stuff from American Crafts, Kelly Purkey, Studio Calico and many more.  For stickers and stamps, I like buying from online stores like Saffy Tenten, Bee Happy and Hobby Depot.  I get project life cards from Life Documented Manila.  For items bought abroad, like from Studio Calico or Kelly Purkey, I join a monthly group buy hosted by my friend, Nicole Chua of Scrap Happy.  For physical stores, I love Lasting Impression in San Juan which has everything!!! National Bookstore and Scribe Writing Essentials too.


6.) What are your favorite journaling tools?

I like using acrylic stamps because they’re so versatile and reusable.  I am also crazy about stickers.  For illustrations, I use watercolor.  For writing, I just use a waterproof pen or any ordinary black pen.


7.) What’s the best thing about journaling that you wish everyone knew?

It’s a good way to record memories.  It always feels good to flip through an old journal and remember the past. It also inspires me to go out of my way to make my life more interesting to document.



8.) Any tips on how people can get started with journaling?

Don’t think that you need fancy art materials to start journaling. All you really need is pen and paper and commitment.  You can start with something as easy as writing “A Word a Day” to describe how your day went.  Then you can move on to doing “A Sentence a Day” and more until such time journaling becomes a routine.  I recently started journaling in a planner; I love that the pages are small so there’s no fear of the big blank page or the fear of having to fill a huge space.


9.) What is inspiring you right now in your journaling journey?

I follow a lot of journalers like you on my instagram feed. I always feel inspired to create after seeing other people’s work.  I also enjoy going on art tambays or any art event because it feels good to be around people who share the same interest.


If you’re restricted to journaling using only 2 tools, what would these 2 tools be and why? 

It would have to be my Sakura Koi Watercolor Field Sketch Box because you can do anything with watercolor like paint, do lettering, etc.  The other tool is a Uni-Pin fineliner waterproof 0.1 pen so that I am free to write as much as I can.



Thanks Ria! Here’s where you can find more of Ria’s art:

Blog: https://imfeelingcraftytoday.wordpress.com/

Instagram: @imfeelingcraftytoday

All the photos in this post are from Ria.