The 2nd #ladiesdrawingnightPH session!

We just finished making our artworks for the 2nd #ladiesdrawingnightPH session (the remote and local version of the original #ladiesdrawingnight). I wasn’t able to compile the works of everyone but you can see them on instagram using the hashtag: #ladiesdrawingnightPH 🙂

Posted this theme around 8.50pm Manila time today (Sunday). The next one will be done around that time as well so if you want to join us, do check out my instagram page around that time. 🙂

Here’s what I came up with, using watercolors and markers. I love using watercolors and my #inktober project and the previous #colorexploration challenge really helped me become more confident with painting. It becomes easier if you make it a daily habit. My strokes feel looser and I am not too stressed out when I have painting mistakes–that’s part of the charm of watercolors anyway.



Dog photos as reference from google images. I’m really happy about the turnout of this challenge and I hope next week more people would join! Join us if you like! It’s a fun way to practice and get to know more friends. 🙂

The very first #ladiesdrawingnightPH (remote version)

It’s been my dream to organize a local version of #ladiesdrawingnight when I saw it in the feed of @juliarothman, @leahreenagoren and @rachaelcole a year or so ago. 🙂 It just seemed very cool and fun and I tried to organize one with willing friends but the unpredictable weather and traffic proves to be hindrances. I thought of having it online instead, using direct group messaging so I pitched this idea to tita @ella_lama who was game as well and to a few other friends. With her help and support we were able to push through with the first session a few minutes ago!

Our themes were desserts (using pink and yellow) and drinks (using brown and blue).

We had to finish our work within 45 minutes per theme and this is what everyone came up with:


To see and follow the artists who made each work, kindly see my instagram (@mabuhaydiy) for the tags. 🙂

Here’s mine!


If you want to join the next from the comfort of your home, it’s this Sunday, October 23, 9pm Philippine time. I’ll be posting the next theme in my instagram around that time as well so we can make art together at the same time. 🙂