Bucket list item: Attend an mt event!

If you know me, you’d know that washi tape is my weakness. Since my lj days (which is around fifty years ago), I’ve been dreaming of colored masking tape, so I got hooked on washi tape and my fave brand is mt because of the stickiness factor (clean stick, can be reused) and thr lovely designs. So when I read online about official mt events, my heart breaks each time because it’s never held in our country. Until my wish to visit Japan came true, and my washi-loving heart totally hyperventilated.
Allie (thanks so much!) told me about the mt expo in yokohama and I felt excited and also worried because it seemed too far from where we were staying. But my solo trip to shibuya from hibiya yesterday gave me additional confidence, and today I was able to make another dream come true!! Thank you universe!

I lost a huge part of my savings because I couldn’t resist hoarding a bit and there were so many designs that I wanted but it was super worth it for the experience. 🙂

I lost my marbles at the stuff-all-you-can station and the gachapon area:


I decorated my notebook and some cards with the bottomless washi tapes in a giant box in our table:


I had so much fun and was so giddy that I wasn’t able to take as many photos as I would have wanted but this day is really special.

Best day ever!!