Artsycraftsy adventure: Perfume-making!

It’s a longtime desire of mine to create my own perfume line. I am a bit in love with my sense of smell and I keep thinking of scent combinations that would maybe work (for me, that is). In my dream, I am making them all: perfume, cologne, solid perfume, eau de toilette, etc. Today that dream finally came true! Thanks, Universe!

(I’ve been skipping attending workshops even if they’re really tempting because I’m saving up for an exciting trip next year, but, well, life is short and this is in my bucket list, so at the very last minute I decided that if there was still a slot the day before, then that slot is for me. Wouldn’t you know it, there was one slot left! Hurrahhhh)

I have to note that I made my own solid perfume stick before though, and I loved the experiment so much that I wanted to make more. And make more I did.

CraftMNL had a perfume-making workshop with Lala from Simoy ng Haraya, and I was just so happy that I got to learn so much and try it for myself: From deciding which scent to use and combine, to the formulation of perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, body spray and solid perfume. And within a few hours only! Although as I’ve mentioned during the workshop, I enjoyed smelling the scents and combining them so much that a day might not be enough for me, heh.

Here are the fragrance oils we used. So many choices. More than thirty, I think? And they all smell amazing! I couldn’t contain my excitement, just sniffing each bottle. I had a hard time deciding which scents to combine because they were all so fragrant!


When I finally got to combine them, I had so many combinations in mind I was a bit paralyzed with indecision–and in the end, my love for The Body Shop’s Olive Oil spray won, so I gravitated towards scents that included Olive notes.


We were handed graduated cylinders so we can measure the amount of oil and dilutants. To be honest, I kind of blanked during the math part because I hate math but Lala was so patient and kind to help me with the measurements. IMG_9245

Here’s my perfume and Eau de Parfum, wherein I tried to be creative with naming but I wasn’t able to prepare in advance so.. Happy Pride! (Also pride in making stuff yourself, pride in chasing your dream etc. etc.) IMG_9253

I enjoyed mixing stuff in the beaker and pouring them in the nifty containers. Then watching it harden. IMG_9259


My finished goods! IMG_9264

Group shot:


We exchanged finished solid perfume like calling cards, which thrilled me to no end. I love how unique each one is:


Hope you had a lovely Sunday as well! 🙂