Bucket list item: weed bouquet

I am in love with these flowering weeds along the road that I see each day on my way to work.
Knowing that they are weeds, I wanted to create a bouquet since they remind me of tiny grains of rice, fireworks:


Remember that upside down mushroom flower vase I made a few days ago? I was able to use it yesterday:


Artsycraftsy experiment: Make small flower vases

I miss pottery and playing with clay, so I got myself some airdry clay and made some vases.

They’re my earth, air, water and fire vases, since they’re inspired by groot, mushrooms, the ocean floor and a melted candle:


Now to look for pretty flowers for these! I’m thinking of big blooms that I’ll cut short and bunch together or maybe making some paper flowers.

What do you recommend? 🙂

DIY: Pattern stamps, sea glass pendants and calligraphed washi cards

I drank a lot of tea yesterday and couldn’t sleep. Since I knew I didn’t have to wake up early the next day (yay!), I brought out my craft supplies and crafted the night away. Alessa‘s pattern stamps had me so inspired that I tried and made some of my own. Before carving though, I tried to make a rainbowy stamp pad first, using tube watercolors. Pink is my favorite color so there has to be pink there too:


The first pattern stamp I did (lower right) reminded me of Mexican bunting or Papel picado. I got so excited by the results that I made another one. This time I didn’t plan a design, I mostly wanted to test the wood carving tools Rox so generously lent me. I actually like the results, which looks like a galaxy (leftmost).Image

The other day I found my sea glass stash. I got it from our Laiya trip years ago with office friends. It was rainy and I saw that the shore was filled with sea glass, which I adore. When they saw me scanning the shoreline for these, my office friends went searching for them as well, and I ended up with more than a fistful because of their help. 🙂 For our assignment in fashion design class last year, we were tasked to design gowns for a wedding. My wedding was sea-themed, and the bridal gown was light and lacey, the color of sand,  embroidered with accents that mimic the sea: tiny coral-colored beads, and intricate wire-wrapped bits of sea glass.

I painted the sea glass with acrylic paint, and am planning on making it a pendant. Here they are inside my handmade stoneware that I made in pottery class:Image

Made some washi cards with calligraphy the other day too!


Craft snack: Oranges, my favorite fruit after Philippine mangoes. Look how Lanelle Abueva’s stoneware plate made them look all the more appealing and yummy:Image

Birthday salubong and pottery wonderland

For a change, I welcomed my birthday the other day with an artsycrafty salubong. I picked out two creative prompts from my magic tin of creativity and made two journal pages. The first one was a mock album cover, based on one of my favorite albums, which is Cynthia Alexander’s Insomnia and Other Lullabies:


The second challenge involved creating a journal page using only one base color.Image

On the day of my birthday, we visited Crescent Moon in Antipolo. Two words: Ceramic wonderland. Lanelle Abueva is a genius. Take a look:



Here’s my loot. Plates that look good enough to eat, and a tiny teacup and saucer:Image