A colorful artsy summer at the SM Stationery Art Fest 2017

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend the SM Stationery Art Fest which featured my favorite stationery brands and had art workshops by creatives I look up to. (Thanks, Universe!) 🙂

This year, I had the pleasure of attending it again, and I couldn’t be happier. The timing couldn’t have been better too! I personally love that it coincides with the summer season, which is perfect for students on vacation and adults who are excited to learn something new for summer.

Stationery and art workshops are my passion and I looked forward to learning more about how to maximize the use of said office/school supplies. The workshops are so innovative and exciting, and are facilitated by local creatives. There’s a lot of cool workshops, like metallic mandala art, floral doodling, diy shrinky dinks, diy watercolor stickers, diy sharpie watercolor art, gothic and brush calligraphy, and slime making. I wish I could have joined them all! 🙂

Here are some photos I took on the 1st day of the event, which runs from April 19-23 at the Mega Fashion Hall. Loved the pastel theme this year, it looked so fresh and fun!


We loved these cute colorful icons displayed in stands. Resisted the urge to pluck them off and pose with them a la photobooth style haha:



I doodled on this ice cream cone because I adore ice cream:


Like last time, the participating brands had artsy activities you can try per area. The participating brands this year are Faber-Castell, Elmer’s, Sharpie, Ifex Philippines, M&G Stationery, and Pilot. Being a stationery lover, these are all brands I adore and use. It was really fun seeing the numerous possibilities and artistic creations you could make with their products (and the creative and colorful product displays!):






There were a lot of colorful markers which you can use to doodle or color in these artsy installations. A crowd favorite. :




Everything was so. Tempting.












Thankful that I got to bond with the titas (who were also in last year’s Art Fest!) Ella, June, Geli and Trish 🙂


Just had to pose here–glittery giant cuties? Yes please!


Drone shot/climbing up the highest floor in the mall lol. This was taken while Wednesday, papercutter extraordinaire, was setting up for a demo in partnership with Ifex. Loving the orange comma stage! I was joking how it was a nice flatlay prop/bed shot from above, haha:


Loot from the event, featuring products from the participating brands. Check out more colorful snaps featuring the above brands in my previous post. Can’t wait to make tons of art using these:


P.S. It’s their last day today! Hurry over to the Mega Fashion Hall and you might still get to join the art workshops and watch the demos (and hoard items to your heart’s content, haha). 🙂

Thank you, SM Stationery, for this fun event and thanks also to Faber-Castell, Elmer’s, Sharpie, Ifex Philippines, M&G Stationery, and Pilot. Till the next Art Fest!

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Have a fun, artsy summer! 🙂

Quick peek: What’s in store for you at the SM Stationery Art Fest 2017

Calling all lovers of art (and stationery!): Heaven is a place on earth! 🙂 The SM Stationery Art Fest (@smstationeryph on instagram) is paradise if you love stationery and creating art. They partnered with major stationery brands too, like Sharpie, M&G, Faber-Castell, Elmer’s, Ifex and Pilot. The best thing is, it runs starting today until April 23–which means you can hoard to your heart’s content and join all the art workshops they’ll be having this weekend. Check out my previous post for more details regarding workshop schedules. 🙂 Take a look at some of the photos that I took below and treat yo’self! 🙂













Summer artsy possibilities with SM Stationery’s Art Fest 2017!

Summer is my ultimate favorite. I consider it the season of possibilities: you can opt to relax at home or take a soothing vacation somewhere, or you can maximize the sunny weather and be productive with classes and workshops. 

I want the best of both worlds, though, and since art workshops are challenging and fun but also gets you in the “flow” (i.e. a state of being in the zone/peak performance), I consider it both exciting and relaxing. 🙂 If I could, I would join all the art workshops that exist, haha.

Try it for yourself with the variety of art workshops in SM Stationery’s Art Fest this weekend. Check out the photos below for more details:





I can’t wait! See you! 🙂

Something fun: Exchange gift ideas for Christmas from SM Stationery

Christmas is almost here! Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

I’m a big fan of doing my Christmas shopping in one place. For me, it’s less stressful and more time-efficient, and all I need to do is find a store that has everything I would love to give (and receive!) and my Christmas gift list–and maybe a rest area where I can admire my purchases afterwards :). Lucky for me there’s an SM Makati nearby, with my fave section of all time–The SM Stationery department! I belong to that SLSB club–Stationery Lover Since Birth, and I had to remind myself when I shopped that I was shopping for gifts for other people and not myself, haha (but I got myself some goodies too as a ‘reward’ for successfully ticking off all the items in my Christmas shopping list, heh #treatyoself).
I noticed that SM Stationery had so many wonderful gift possibilities and they couldn’t be more perfect for the holiday season. I know for a lot of us Filipinos, Christmas means ‘exchange gift’ time, or ‘secret santa’, where you spread the holiday cheer by having a group of people exchange names for a secret surprise gift exchange. Categories like “something cute”, “something long”, etc. are usually decided on by the group and a set budget for each gift is also agreed upon. It’s a fun way to be creative and to bond with your officemates or relatives, and it’s something a lot of Pinoys look forward to during Christmastime.

If you’re looking for some exchange gift inspiration or you just want to see gift suggestions that you yourself would love to receive, I’ve come up with a comprehensive guide for you!
I’ve grouped them according to the usual exchange gift categories to make it quicker and easier for you. The fun part is that you can also mix and match items from various categories because the pens, which are usually “something long” are so cute that they can also be “something cute”, and I think we can all agree that everything in SM Stationery is something useful (especially if you’re a member of the SLSB club like me!). The best part is that you can buy everything in one place–they can all be found in the SM Stationery department. Enjoy, and I hope you find the guide useful! 🙂



Washi tapes, paper tapes and stickers:



Be fashionable when listening to your fave songs with these trendy headphones:


They have a lot of earphones in various colors too!


Organize your life and workspace/study area with these colorful paper clips and other office supplies:


So many colors in one pen! Perfect for planners and journals. Multi-colored pens:



I lumped them all in one category because they’re all those 3! 🙂
Animal pouches and wallets:


Correction tape, magnets and erasers:


Animal and cupcake keychains:


Too cute! Bunny earphones:


Colorful storage solutions:




Squishy miniature luggage wallets:


Kneadable art erasers:


Squishy penguin wallets and squishy camera wallets:


Squishy luggage tags!



They have so many sparkly metallic pens!



Must. not. hoard. metallic. tapes.



These are pens with perfume at the end!


Scented pens, markers and pencils! Bonus: They come in Christmasy scents and I really really wanted all of them:



These pens are so fluffy, they felt like clouds on my hands:


Neck pillows, fluffy and soft pouches and keychains:




This is a pen, a keychain, a penlight and a whistle! A must-have for anyone:



Pens in the shape of lollies and fruits, won’t break any dietary restrictions:



Help them label all their items with this labelmaker. I plan on getting that wood grain and clear tape for myself soon!


For scrapbooking and for crafting:



Everyone I know would be glad to receive a powerbank. Or two.



They have shelves upon shelves of pens in various colors:



True story: My life was changed when I got a usb fan–now the daily commute is a bit more bearable, despite the traffic, haha. These usb fans are cool and practical:


Calendars and planners to help them organize their appointments and gimmicks:




This category is a tough one, but look at this lucky find: This panda sticks out its tongue when pressed. Very unique and cheeky.




Pouches and pencilcases in all the colors of the rainbow:



Eco bags that are very useful and cool-looking too:



I saw these art packs which are so convenient and perfect for giving!


So many notebooks, journals, notepads, and sketchpads! Paper heaven!! I could spend days in this place:




To wrap up your presents, they also have gift wraps categorized by color, which was a nice touch for me:



If you’re too busy or in a hurry, they have ready-made pouches as well aside from the paper bags which I think is a cute and unique way of packaging your presents.


Happy Holiday shopping! 🙂

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How I decorate my planners and journals

It’s no secret that I adore stickers and washi tapes. I used to try and use as little of them as possible because I didn’t want them to run out so fast.

This year, though, that all changed. I met my fellow #artitas who are as addicted to washi tapes and stickers as I am and met a lot of planner-loving friends who even use planner stickers specifically made for planners. 🙂 Inspired by them, I vowed to make this year the year that I’d use my hoarded stuff to make each day happier and more fun. I also discovered how some of my old stickers lost their “stickiness” which means that I better use these babies up. And fast.

I used to have a rule that confined my sticker usage to my daily gratitude planner (take a peek into my planners in my instagram: @mabuhaydiy) but I scrapped that rule because seeing cute stickers everywhere makes me so happy. 🙂

For my gratitude planner, I highlight a memorable happy thing that day using brush lettering and then list down other faves from that day. I use washi tapes and stickers to fill up spaces:


Sometimes I use the stickers or stamps as bullets:


A tip I learned from my planner-loving friends: Decorate a page or a spread in the future with washi and stickers and then just jot down notes on said page/s when that day arrives to save you time on decorating. I do it sometimes when I have plans or events.

For my “anything goes journal/planner” (which is basically filled with bigger illustrations and detailed descriptions of food I ate lol), I use the stickers/stamps/washi tapes for borders and for sticking ephemera or food labels:


I also do brush calligraphy of quotes in my journals and doodle or paint food.

My good friend Ella uses her stickers for decorating her gadgets and walls and project life scrapbook, so you can also consider those as additional use of the stickers and tapes you’ve hoarded, haha.

You can buy these stickers, washi tapes (loving the foil ones!) and stamps from my new fave online store: @beehappycrafts (They have so many artsy craftsy stuff there–you can easily lose precious hours just from ogling their sticker options :)). The stickers, foil tapes and washi tapes I used in the photos above are all from beehappycrafts loot btw. 🙂

P.s. I just had to take more photos of my haul. Can’t get over how pretty the stickers and foil tapes are! Also getting addicted to clear stamps, heh. Thank you for existing and making this sticker fiend very happy, beehappycrafts! 🙂



Instagram: @beehappycrafts
Online store: beehappyph.com

Bullet journal obsession


I’m spending a lot of time recently trying to organize my life and so far, I really enjoy compartmentalizing my art from my lists from my daily tasks using various journals/planners. I use my Starbucks planner for daily gratitudes, and my three traveler’s notebooks have separate functions: one is my bullet journal, one is for my drawings and stuff I’ve eaten, and the last one is my travel sketchbook. I love how they’re light and compact. Now I know why these notebooks have so many fans! I still want a regular camel one for a cover–I still don’t have a cover haha.
My bullet journal basically has pages of lists. I realized that I enjoyed writing lists, but hated that I couldn’t find everything, so the index part is what I use the most. I get tons of inspiration from searching “#bulletjournal” from instagram but to be honest I know I can never draw straight lines even when using a ruler. Drawing lines is just not for me haha. I do enjoy the prospect of doing brush calligraphy for headers using my brush pens, and I tried bringing all my colored pens to work to try and finish a page during breaktime but it didn’t work. I got so overwhelmed with the choices I couldn’t even start the page lol.
I stuck to pink and green for this one, since I had a lot of pink and green frixion pens. I also use an erasable fountain pen that I bought from the SM Stationery section. I used stencils that I got from an ukay-ukay eons ago.
So far my favorites are those collection pages, and my wishlist page, which contains stuff I really want and how much I need to save to buy it. Got the idea from one of the awesome bujo-ers online but my memory fails me–I can’t seem to remember from whom, so sorry!
I also track nice sensory moments daily because it’s want I want to remember most. 🙂



There are so many fabulous ideas online and countless videos and blog posts on how to set up your bullet journal, which is a system invented by Ryder Carroll, which you can learn more about in this video:
Do you keep a bullet journal too? What’s your fave thing about it? 🙂

Take my money! My trip to the SM Stationery Department

My fave season is back-to-school season because it meant going to the bookstores to buy school supplies like notebooks, art supplies, etc.

I no longer go to school (except for the occasional language classes and workshops) but back-to-school season still excites me majorly. I love seeing school/office supplies, organizational tools and stationery goodies and there’s always a great chance that there are new innovative items.

I’ve mentioned in my previous posts how my fave SM section is the stationery department and I was raring to check out the area and maybe hoard haha. The nearest SM branch to me was SM Makati so I went there and immediately targeted the Stationery section.  I was looking forward to hoarding pens and notebooks for my art journaling but boy oh boy I got pleasantly surprised when I entered the area. So many cute and colorful (and useful!) items!

They have all the school supplies you need and they are well-stocked in every section. From pens to notebooks and paper to coloring materials to bags and organizers, everything you need for school/work can be found here. I love how they have so many options for each category. I’ve snapped some photos of items I particularly fell in love with.

I gravitated towards the stickers first because I am so addicted to stickers. I use it for decorating my journals and planners and I bet students would have a fun time using these to decorate their notebooks too (or retreat letters haha). These are all so stylish and affordable and I had to stop myself from hoarding one of each sheet:



Here you can find Martha Stewart (!) punchers and craft materials, pretty notebooks and lots of paper and washi tape. There’s also paper with lovely designs that you can use for scrapbooking or wrapping your notebooks with. When I was studying I had very inexpensive spiral notebooks for school and to make it cuter I covered it with magazine pages I liked and replaced the metal spiral binding with yarn. But I bet this paper would also work and if you wrap your notebooks with it, they’d have a theme!

There are also lots of super cute notebooks so don’t fret if you just want to get one that’s already nice to look at. 🙂 Check out those trendy notebooks at the bottom right of the photo below. I also liked those brown frames and can already imagine placing handmade artworks with brush calligraphy or watercolor in it:


These organizers look awesome. I love that if you’re in love with a theme (I’m in love with the purple set), you can have an organized collection at work or at home:


Pencil cases! Which one’s your fave? I can’t choose just one–I love the watermelon pencil case below, and the sparkly one at the bottom left corner and the one with the winking eyes, which reminds me of Audrey Hepburn’s sleeping mask in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

I sorta lost it when I saw this shelf filled with colorful pens. No joke, I spent almost an hour or more just trying them out and picking my favorites–you can never have enough pens:

Just look at how adorable these are:

They also have these promos:

If you have a single receipt from the SM Stationery department worth Php1200, you can choose a free hot/cold lunch pack until the end of June. All the designs are lovely:


Good thing back to school season is for everyone, stationery hoarders included (haha). 🙂

I didn’t want to leave because there were so many cute and useful stuff I could imagine myself using in my online classes and at work. From pens and pencils and other writing instruments to school, art and office supplies to paper products, cartridges and ink, books and magazines (to stickers!<3) to filing and various forms of storage to cool frames and accessories (whew!)–they really had it all and you’d be spoilt for choice. 🙂 They also have gift wrapping services and I know a lot of people (including me haha) who’d love a stationery gift pack for any special occasion. 🙂

Follow them through their social media accounts to stay updated with their promos and specials:

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 🙂

Artsy event alert! SM Stationery’s Art Fest

When I pass by SM Department Stores, I can’t resist checking out my fave section–the stationery section. I often find great deals and cute office and school supplies there, and if you know me, you’d know that stationery’s one of my weaknesses. (Along with stickers, art materials, books and milk tea 🙂 )

As a kid I collected stationery and stickers, and traded sheets of stationery with friends who were as obsessed as I am. We’d go to each other’s houses carrying various folders (Mine were the free promotional folders from the conferences my parents attended haha) filled with our “collection”. Then we’d trade sheets of stationery–dependent on the quality of the paper, size of the sheet, design, etc. That’s how I learned to haggle, lol.

My love for stationery and school/office supplies never waned, which was why I got so excited when I learned about this event!

Here’s a teaser:




In partnership with my fave art brands (or brands I hoard) Faber-Castell, Pentel, Ifex and Titus Pens, SM Stationery will be having an Art Fest at the Mega Fashion Hall on April 13-17, packed with workshops by local creatives and an exhibit:



For only Php300, you can join a workshop by the artists above. Here are the detailed mechanics:



For updates and more details, check out:

I can’t wait! See you! 🙂


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own. 🙂