DIY: Miniature trompe l’oeil beach view and papercutting attempts

Happy Friday, everyone!

I was checking our old beach photos and getting a bit nostalgic. I miss the beach and that summery vacation vibe, that excitement of looking forward to exploring our glorious islands and being one with nature–when it occurred to me: why not bring the beach to me? I’d love to be able to imagine that each day the beach is just outside our window, within my reach.

It’s an easy way to brighten your walls and remind you of how lucky we are to be living in a tropical paradise:

What you’ll need:

-A colored printout of a beach photo (or any photo of nature, or what you want to see), I wanted it to be miniature so I printed it in a super small size, but it’s up to you

-Washi tape (preferably brown to mimic windows or white or gray)

-Lace tape (optional)



1. Place a washi tape border on all sides of your photo:


2. Trim evenly and cut a thin strip of washi to be pasted in the middle to mimic a window. I did it three ways here: horizontally, vertically and both ways. I also added a strip of real lace tape to mimic lace curtains. You could also stick real fluttering fabric if you want, for that whimsical effect:


Enjoy your beach view!

In other news, I have my list of crafty challenges and papercutting is one of them. Inspired by Rob Ryan’s intricate papercuts, I have attempted to make my own papercut art several years ago and failed miserably. I sucked at it, and almost nicked myself so I stopped and decided that it just wasn’t for me. Fueled by the new year and inspired by local crafters, I challenged myself today to try it again and made a merbird for my first attempt:


I felt more satisfied with the results now than the results before so I made another one:Image

I felt like doing another one without thinking of a design in mind. I just wanted to cut shapes that are angular since I discovered that I didn’t really enjoy cutting curves, but then out of the blue this forest was formed and this kitty emerged. And then the fishes arrived:


I surprised myself with this one, I never imagined I would like the act of papercutting, but now I do. Can’t wait to create other papercut designs in the future. 🙂