What I’ve been up to: March 2017

Happy summer! Summer is my fave season and I’m so honored that I got to be the one to make the March 2017 journaling prompts for #HobonichPH:


Don’t forget to use the hashtag #HobonichiPHChallenge if you’re participating! 🙂

I had so many happy moments these past few days:

😙 I got to try and experiment and make my own handmade rose gold watercolor paint! Kinda obsessed with rose gold recently and I thought I’d try and make paint with this hue in mind:


Success! It took a lot of trial and error but happy with the outcome. Brought it with me to a mini artambay with my washi and sticker-loving friends yesterday.

😙 Got new washi tapes (first group buy and so worth it!) and mildliners yesterday and got to bond with friends:





😙 Attended the #ArtfairPH with K, her first time:


😙 I also painted mini abstract paintings which I turned to stickers using handpainted watercolors made by @seamountainco 🙂


😙 I uploaded several flipthroughs of my past journals and travel project life in my youtube channel, if you want to take a peek: http://tinyurl.com/mabuhaydiy2011journal

I hope March has been good to you too.

What I’ve been up to: February 2017

Happy month of love! 🙂 My heart has been extra happy lately mostly because of my several fb groups– I made a washi tape and sticker lovers PH group and we have a hobonichi book club and several planner and journal FB groups as well. I think my calling might be bringing people together for art-related stuff haha. 🙂

I also got to try handmade paints by @seamountainco! Check out the colors I achieved from these 5 colors and the painting I made using these 5 as well:


I finally was able to organize my washi tapes as well!


I started an online book club years ago with daily themes on tumblr: booklat.tumblr.com 🙂 Happy that my book club dreams migrated to the FB world with the Hobonichi book club PH–here is my page for it:


Did a bit of urban sketching inside a cafe:


Received this beautiful bouquet from the gf for Valentine’s day! Such a sweet surprise, and she specifically picked different flowers because she knows I love painting them. Thanks love!


Used stickers from #ARdailysticker to decorate my monthly hobonichi spread for February:


Made some stickers too! 🙂


What I’ve been up to: April 2016

How’s your year so far? Summer is really here in Manila and I find myself enjoying hanging out inside an air conditioned mall when I have free time, finishing spreads in my art journal. It helps if you have icy cold milk tea with you while you work haha.

My planner is filled with things I’m grateful for. A sneak peek:


I love making art before I rush off to work each morning. Here’s a washi fashioj collage I made the other day:


P.s. These gilded hand-painted stickers will be on sale in a bazaar very soon! Stay tuned for the details 🙂


Bucket list item: Attend an mt event!

If you know me, you’d know that washi tape is my weakness. Since my lj days (which is around fifty years ago), I’ve been dreaming of colored masking tape, so I got hooked on washi tape and my fave brand is mt because of the stickiness factor (clean stick, can be reused) and thr lovely designs. So when I read online about official mt events, my heart breaks each time because it’s never held in our country. Until my wish to visit Japan came true, and my washi-loving heart totally hyperventilated.
Allie (thanks so much!) told me about the mt expo in yokohama and I felt excited and also worried because it seemed too far from where we were staying. But my solo trip to shibuya from hibiya yesterday gave me additional confidence, and today I was able to make another dream come true!! Thank you universe!

I lost a huge part of my savings because I couldn’t resist hoarding a bit and there were so many designs that I wanted but it was super worth it for the experience. 🙂

I lost my marbles at the stuff-all-you-can station and the gachapon area:


I decorated my notebook and some cards with the bottomless washi tapes in a giant box in our table:


I had so much fun and was so giddy that I wasn’t able to take as many photos as I would have wanted but this day is really special.

Best day ever!!

On moving and attachment

A few months ago, we were blessed with a fantastic opportunity, which we immediately grabbed. This blessing would mean we’d have to move and we accepted that with giddy hearts. We’re not yet truly done with the whole moving shebang, but I couldn’t resist decorating the new place even when it’s not the top priority–eep!

The previous tenants used extra-strong double-sided tape in affixing stuff to the wall, so there are some unsightly adhesive spots. Since I had to cover these spots, I stuck some of my artworks and art/snailmail that I received from awesome people to the walls using my ever-favorite washi tape.




ImageI’m happy about the numerous white walls I can affix stuff to and our bookshelf! I’ve always wanted a tall bookshelf with a glass panel so that it won’t be too dusty (asthmatic problems hehe) and hard to clean, and so that I can admire them books–my preciousssessss.

But! We’ve also invested in some under-the-bed storage boxes and filled four (!!) of them with books and magazines. We’ve also converted some cabinets that should be for shoes into bookshelves, cause for me and my partner, books trump shoes.

Our former home didn’t have an elevator, so it was quite a challenge moving with these babies. These are only half of what I’ve decided I couldn’t part with.


ImageI’m a morning person and I love the sun. However, the afternoon glare is a bit too wild in this new place. I didn’t like the flimsy white curtains sold at the mall, and couldn’t find dainty lace ones (any leads?). The thick white ones were too pricey. Good thing I was able to buy a fabric shower curtain that had this nice metallic gold and white pattern in one side, and silver and white in the back side. I wasn’t able to buy curtain hooks so I made do with what I had, and used safety pins. Success!

I want to hoard those shower curtains, but the one I saw seemed to be the last piece. Heh.

Speaking of hoarding, the main lesson I’ve learned with this move (this is the third time I’ve moved) is that I should lessen my hoarding and my attachment to material things. I gave away more than thirty books and more than fifty magazines that I loved and cherished to people who might be able to give them better homes than just throwing them. I wanted to donate them to charity but I don’t have a car and it’s a challenge lugging them around. I also considered selling them since I could use the moolah, but it was a bit more complex setting that up, (bank deposit, coordination, shipping, meetups, etc.) and I needed all the time I could get, so I decided to just give them away. For weeks I’ve carried some to work for office friends who might be interested. I hope they like them, and that they’re well taken care of. 🙂

I also realized that I’ve accumulated quite a lot of arts/crafts materials, since I tend to forget that I already bought this brush/card set. My goal starting now is to organize my supplies more, so this won’t happen again. I should also use these hoarded materials, which is what I’m doing now with my washi tape. If you’ve taken a peek at my Instagram account, username’s @aphazia, you’ve seen these already:


I like the designs of Cath Kidston so I used my pretty floral mint green and pink washi tape and used it to decorate the cabinets. I’m happy I got over my fear of using the pricey washi tapes and realized how life quickly changes and how each day should be filled with things that make you happy. So go on and use that nice perfume before it evaporates, dress up (you never know what possibilities await you!), go wild with your expensive art supplies and make beautiful art, or make a mess–just use it now if it gives you joy. 🙂 Have fun creating!

PixaRoll magnets and endless possibilities

I got another snailmail surprise from PixaRoll yesterday!

Remember how delighted I was with my PixaRoll prints a few days ago? Well, that joy was multiplied (9 times to be precise, haha), when I got my 9 magnets from PixaRoll, yay!

I selected some artworks I’ve done, some nice places I want to always remember, and even a cheesy photo of myself and my partner on our 6th year. Memories immortalized in cute little magnets. I used the magnetic borders and collaged them with washi tape to create faux moveable “frames”. You can stick them side by side to create a panoramic view if you want. Stick a flat tin pan in your wall and use it as a memo board, with magnets instead of thumbtacks. Give them as gifts to people you love this holiday season. Stick them in a circle to enfold a love note in your ref. If you have a magnetic poetry set, you can combine it with witty text about the photo for quirky home decor. How about covering the whole ref door with personalized magnets? These magnets are made for fun times, I tell you.


Image ImageImageAs of now, the PixaRoll PH Facebook page already has 800 likes. Just a few more to reach 1000! When it does reach that target, the prints would be cheaper–wouldn’t you like that as well? 🙂 Let’s spread the word and like the page! 🙂

Thanks, PixaRoll!

Artsycraftsy shenanigans: June-July

I have come to terms with the fact that I am a scanner and someone who has an extremely short attention span. When I obsess about a certain craft or art material,
I have this mistake of hoarding, only to be distracted by the next metaphorically
shiny thing. But good things do come out of that trait–I get to find out what material/technique/craft works for me and what doesn’t (like embroidery, but maybe
I can conquer that soon!)

What I love:
Here’s a clay necklace inspired by Yayoi Kusama. Can’t wait for the Kusama exhibit at the Ayala Museum next week!


Colored pencils.
Drew a peony. I used my watercolor pencils for this, and planned on wetting it but changed my mind:


Water soluble oil paint. (Hardcore oil paint might make me sick due to the
fumes, heh)
Used my palette knife in making this. I think I might be in love with that knife.
These are small canvas paintings:



Watercolor, always and forever.
Very tricky to work with, but teaches me to love imperfections and challenges me to keep on experimenting with the material. Created some note cards. gift tags, and
a zine called “Huggable Noms”, which contains my comfort foodstuff:




Washi tape. How can you not love washi tape?
To frame my drypoint cat done in printmaking class, I used neon washi tape.
Yes, I have no patience for measuring, haha:


My pigma brush pen and markers.
For making my comics. That’s my ultimate dream.

How about you? Which materials are your fave?

Artist Tribute: Danny Gregory and Robert Alejandro and their travel sketchbooks

Another new section! Each month, I’ll try to talk about artists who have inspired me and how they’ve influenced my artsycraftsy attempts and my life in general. 🙂

Danny Gregory
Some years ago, I stumbled across Danny Gregory’s book in a bookstore. Flipping through it, I was entranced. It was vibrant and filled with so much creative energy and got me so inspired. I wrote down his name and researched his other books when I got home. A generous ninang learned about how much I liked his books and sent me my first Danny Gregory book, The Creative License, which I read ever so slowly, savoring all his creativity tips and luscious drawings.

His books reinforced my belief that every one of us has an interesting story to tell and how each person has an inner artist, how each one has his/her own artistic style.

Yesterday, a kindly fairy godmother sent me Danny Gregory’s memoir about love and loss, A Kiss Before You Go, which totally made my day (and made me cry in happiness a bit–Thank you again!). I have been reading about his wife Patti and their son Jack in his other books and was devastated to learn about Patti’s tragic accident. I finished reading it last night and discussed it in my book blog.

Danny Gregory amazes me with his ability to combine thought-provoking reflections and unforgettable drawings. I love his handwriting, the vibrant colors in his journal pages and his eye for detail. When I’m in a creative slump I browse through his books and become inspired and excited to start writing my own stories and experiences. His words of encouragement are life-changing for me. It would be an absolute dream to meet him someday!

Some of my favorite pages from his journals:

ImageMore of his work here.

Robert Alejandro
Kuya Robert (of Papemelroti fame) is one of my idols. I am and will always be a Papemelroti loyalist. As a kid, I religiously collected Papemelroti products. I had a folder filled with Papemelroti notepads and various paper products. I remember we had a very cool adviser who gave us personalized Papemelroti planners for Christmas, with our name in neon orange puffy paint and a personalized dedication, then she placed each one inside a handmade origami shirt bag,  which made us all love her more. For me, the brand represents Filipino creativity and if the brand were a person, she’d be that crafty eco-friendly tita, or our awesome adviser.

I was lucky enough to meet Kuya Robert (and fangirl shamelessly) in the awarding night of NBDB’s National Children’s Book Award. While his work was being discussed onstage, I exclaimed loudly to my seatmate that I love him and his art (and other gushy statements) and to my embarrassment, I discovered that the guy with his back turned to me a few seats away (same table, probably heard my fangirling) was Kuya Robert himself! Haha.

One of my favorite drawings of his. Look at the detail!



Check out more of his awesome sketches here.

Inspired by both artists, I have been drawing a lot more in my travel journal because I too have discovered that travel memories become more vivid when recorded on paper. I love taking photos but find that compared to photos, my travel sketches magically transport me to that specific moment and the details seem so vivid–the weather, the smell of the place, the sounds I hear in that area, my mood that day. Maybe slowing down and focusing your attention to a particular aspect of a place trains your brain to be more sensitive and all your senses to be fully engaged.

I am slowly learning how to not be too OC with getting the details correctly or the proportions right. I am teaching myself how to loosen up and not be too focused with perfection. I am doing this for myself, after all.

Using my calligraphy pen has forced me to stop being nitpicky and to embrace messiness, just record what I see, how I see it.

Some of my travel journals. That green notebook is filled with letters and ephemera from my trip to Thailand, and I gave it to my partner as part of my pasalubong package.


The only hindrance I have to drawing all day is the lack of time. I would dream of drawing but have to decide if I should do that or explore some magical new place. Of course exploration wins, and what I just do is to take a lot of photographs and then draw it before I sleep while the memory’s still fresh. My camera’s review function doesn’t work anymore though (boo), so I am planning to do super-quick sketches within a limited amount of time, say maybe 5-10 minutes, Dr. Sketchy style.

Here are some of my travel journal pages. You can deduce if I had time to sketch of if I needed to hurry by the quality of the drawings, haha. I like experimenting with various sketching materials from calligraphy pens to plain crayons. It all depends on my bag space, the temperature of the place where we’re headed and my current obsession.


My family and I will be traveling to another country next week. I used to bring just a thin notebook and a pen, and then transfer relevant ephemera to my main travel journal (a thick one that I can hardly close, heh), but for a change I plan on bringing a new blank journal this time, to inspire me to draw more and not be afraid of paper running out. (I have paper issues, haha).

Here’s what I’ll be bringing this time in my artsycraftsy travel kit. I wanted to bring more coloring items but was concerned about the weight:

– A new travel journal, decorated with washi tape in my fave shades, with a handmade lucky knot as bookmark (made by an awesome friend)

– My reliable Pentel water brush

– Washi tape, for sticking brochures, tickets and food labels to my journal

– Little watercolor pencils

– A ziploc bag for special items: unique pebbles, fallen leaves, found items)

– Cameras and film. A friend commissioned me to create a washi illustration for her in exchange for lots of yummy film, which I’ll use with my Vivitar. I love the output of Vivitar, and can’t wait to use the film she sent (which came in a protective pouch!):

Any other suggestions for what else I can bring?

Happy weekend!

First craft feature in PDI, handmade V-day cards, washi’d uke

Just sharing the happy news: My washi projects were featured in a major broadsheet, last Saturday. Check out the article online here. One of my craft idols, Fozzy, mentioned my washi collages to Pam of PDI and this is the result. Thank you so much Fozzy and PDI! It’s such an honor to be featured alongside other crafty Pinays (who are also my craft idols, by the way). I feel so lucky and blessed! 🙂


I think I might have mentioned that V-day is one of my favorite holidays, since it gives me the excuse to be extra-mushy and cheesy, haha. Thought I’d send some V-day surprise snailmail to some friends, featuring LSP and handmade cards:


Hope they like it!

I also received a nice surprise last weekend, my lolo’s ukulele! I’ve been interested in taking uke lessons and I told myself I would if this was found (it survived Ondoy and countless floodings in our hometown, Malabon) and I guess this is a sign. Perfectly timed! I covered it with washi tape to make it personalized. This makes me even more excited to learn!Image.

Experimented with making handmade paper medallions for decor for a friend’s event. Can’t wait!


DIY: Miniature trompe l’oeil beach view and papercutting attempts

Happy Friday, everyone!

I was checking our old beach photos and getting a bit nostalgic. I miss the beach and that summery vacation vibe, that excitement of looking forward to exploring our glorious islands and being one with nature–when it occurred to me: why not bring the beach to me? I’d love to be able to imagine that each day the beach is just outside our window, within my reach.

It’s an easy way to brighten your walls and remind you of how lucky we are to be living in a tropical paradise:

What you’ll need:

-A colored printout of a beach photo (or any photo of nature, or what you want to see), I wanted it to be miniature so I printed it in a super small size, but it’s up to you

-Washi tape (preferably brown to mimic windows or white or gray)

-Lace tape (optional)



1. Place a washi tape border on all sides of your photo:


2. Trim evenly and cut a thin strip of washi to be pasted in the middle to mimic a window. I did it three ways here: horizontally, vertically and both ways. I also added a strip of real lace tape to mimic lace curtains. You could also stick real fluttering fabric if you want, for that whimsical effect:


Enjoy your beach view!

In other news, I have my list of crafty challenges and papercutting is one of them. Inspired by Rob Ryan’s intricate papercuts, I have attempted to make my own papercut art several years ago and failed miserably. I sucked at it, and almost nicked myself so I stopped and decided that it just wasn’t for me. Fueled by the new year and inspired by local crafters, I challenged myself today to try it again and made a merbird for my first attempt:


I felt more satisfied with the results now than the results before so I made another one:Image

I felt like doing another one without thinking of a design in mind. I just wanted to cut shapes that are angular since I discovered that I didn’t really enjoy cutting curves, but then out of the blue this forest was formed and this kitty emerged. And then the fishes arrived:


I surprised myself with this one, I never imagined I would like the act of papercutting, but now I do. Can’t wait to create other papercut designs in the future. 🙂