Challenging myself: Fly yoga!

Trying this has always been on my bucket list. Yesterday, I was finally able to try Flying Fitness at Beyond Yoga, Rockwell. Thanks to Almi who alerted me about the groupon deal for this! 🙂 She was also the one who took more pics, the first pic was taken by our instructor 🙂



I can’t believe I was able to do the above poses since I haven’t been as dedicated to my daily yoga practice as before because of laziness and my current slight asthma attack. But here’s to surprising yourself, yes?

Also, it was way harder than I thought. There were some inverse situps where you had to do it while you’re hanging upside down, suspended in air, which was very challenging, and some other yoga poses that had to be done upside down. I was disoriented and a bit nervous since I was afraid my legs would unhook themselves accidentally and I’d break my neck lol so I think I overthunk some poses haha.

My body’s sore right now but it’s worth it! Fun and exciting. 🙂