Exploring the Universe: Dumaguete 2018

Visiting Silliman university has been in my bucket list for ages so I’m really happy I got to tick that off this year! My gf and I visited her school and I finally got to meet her family. 🙂

Highlights of the trip: Sans Rival bistro, (where I stuffed my face with sylvanas), Cafe Mamia (homey and really good danggit), CT burger (where I had not one, not two, but 3 servings of chicken lol–it was by far the best chicken I’ve tasted in this lifetime haha). I also wasn’t able to eat tempura ni bossing but got to try some squid rolls (some were free!). I also slept for 12 hours straight which is a first for me! Plus that Pura Vida beach adventure, where I got to ride a hybrid of a bus and a jeep. I also got to check out a Booksale branch and see kitties! I got a lot of journaling done, and felt so relaxed thanks to my gf’s patience and hospitality heh.

Some photos!

Exploring the Universe: Japan 2015-Osaka!

I can’t get over how happy I was that we were able to visit one of my dream destinations last March: Japan! My excitement was beyond words–I was dreaming of this since I was a kid and I couldn’t believe we were finally going! There will be miracles when you believe!

I borrowed sd cards and filled around 10 gb with photos. In my excitement, most of those shots are blurry, though. I wanted to capture every moment but my hands wouldn’t cooperate, heh. I also wanted to fill my travel sketchbook with daily observations/food/people dorkwings but I couldn’t really decide if I wanted to draw or just stare at everything with happy tears streaming down my facee

(I did some drawings after, though, before I forget the happy memories. See my instagram for sneak peeks: @aphazia)

Here are some highlights of our Osaka trip. We went to Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and Tokyo.
Click each photo if you want to enlarge it. 🙂
Touchdown! First photo op, with vendo and Pikachu because why not:


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The Year That Was: 2014, The Year for Great Things


Happy Holidays, everyone!

2014 has been wonderful to me, and I hope it has been awesome for you too. I’ve been doing year-enders back in my old livejournal, and I love looking back on the year’s adventures and accomplishments. It inspires me to dream bigger for the upcoming year and also be grateful for all the blessings of the past year.

This year, I was able to tick off a lot of items from my grand bucket list, and I’ve shared some of them in this blog. Some of the highlights of my year:

* I started the year with a lot of trips, and tried my best to blog about each one.

* Best trip of the year: I went to California! WOOT! Was able to visit L.A, Sacramento and San Francisco. Thanks, Universe! 🙂

* I experimented with a lot of my (hoarded) art materials this year.

* Katha turned one this year! We decided on “Myths and Legends” as the theme for our anniversary issue. Read more about it here.

* This is the year for rekindling my love with lettering and calligraphy.
* Type Kita 2! So happy I got to watch some of my fave artists at work. Also, Type Kita 1
* Arts/Crafts challenges like this.
* Or the #30bravedays challenge.
* My first drawing with colored pencils.
* I made temporary tattoos!
* For 2015, I plan to make more “good things” posts.
* I went to this year’s Art Fair.
* Big Blog Exchange 2014. I remember being top three in Asia/Oceania and feeling giddy. I didn’t win, but it was also quite an experience, deciding to join and urging people to vote for me (which admittedly, I felt kind of torn about, but, follow your dreams, right?)
* The Inspire Everyday event at the Ayala Museum.
* Katha Magazine was one of the finalists in this year’s Globe Tatt awards! Thanks for nominating us and voting, friends! 🙂
* I got to make my own perfume! It was the best workshop I’ve attended this year. 🙂
* Teach yo’self sessions. I’ve been teaching myself through books and online videos, and I’m happy that I got myself a library membership at the Union Church Library, where I was able to borrow a lot of arts/crafts books, and some rare fiction books as well. 🙂
* I tried painting with gouache for the first time.

Fly Yoga!
Calligraphy exchange 2014

I’m still thinking of what to name 2015, and listing down goals for the year. We already have some beach and travel plans and I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll push through. Recently some friends old and new and I have been meeting up for a Teach What You Know Kiligraphy date after work, filled with testing new calligraphy and lettering tools and just hoarding together haha. I love creating with a group and meeting new friends in the process, so this is totally up my alley. Can’t wait for our scheduled January TWYK Kiligraphy session! 🙂

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, lovelies!

My first drawing using colored pencils

I remember liking having my box of colored pencils around since I was a kid. I colored projects with it, treating it as just that– colored pencils. So I wrote letters using them and interchanged the colors for every word and made a few halfhearted attempts to doodle with them but stopped at that.

But now I have come to realize how much power these pencils have.

It started during snacktime. I was snacking on pomelo with salt and I snapped a photo and uploaded it on my instagram:


I joked that it’s my life goal to paint it, a joke which was half-meant, because it seemed really challenging, but I’ve seen realistic paintings and know that it is possible.

So I made it into a serious goal. I decided that I could finally use my colored pencils to try and draw something with the intent of making it look real, and also draw something real-looking, two birds with one stone.


I started with this at around 8 pm yesterday. Obviously I have no idea what I’m doing.


After several hours, here it was, the point where I was starting to feel tired and doubting myself and thinking about what my purpose in life is, haha. Existential portion!


Way past midnight, and I was still not done! At this point I was surprisingly enjoying the challenge so I pushed myself some more and slept at around 4 am, with the above drawing ready to be finished the next day, because, sleep.

We went to the Type Kita exhibit at 10a alabama today! More on this in the future hehe. But that meant the drawing must wait, and when we got home, it was waiting for me.

I soldiered on and after 9 hours, it’s finally finished!

I feel so fulfilled and happy haha:


And this is the start of my obsession with colored pencils, I can tell. 🙂