Exploring the Universe: Dumaguete 2018

Visiting Silliman university has been in my bucket list for ages so I’m really happy I got to tick that off this year! My gf and I visited her school and I finally got to meet her family. 🙂

Highlights of the trip: Sans Rival bistro, (where I stuffed my face with sylvanas), Cafe Mamia (homey and really good danggit), CT burger (where I had not one, not two, but 3 servings of chicken lol–it was by far the best chicken I’ve tasted in this lifetime haha). I also wasn’t able to eat tempura ni bossing but got to try some squid rolls (some were free!). I also slept for 12 hours straight which is a first for me! Plus that Pura Vida beach adventure, where I got to ride a hybrid of a bus and a jeep. I also got to check out a Booksale branch and see kitties! I got a lot of journaling done, and felt so relaxed thanks to my gf’s patience and hospitality heh.

Some photos!